Thursday, June 18, 2009

One less tooth.....

Tuesday night, Daddy pulled Rylee tooth. It was barely hanging in there, and when he pulled it, it sounded like someone had thumped a ripe watermelon. His two bottom teeth had to be pulled by the dentist back in September, so this tooth is the 1st one to be pulled at home by one of us. :) Funny thing is, our friend Jana, lost the same tooth on the same night.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Swimming at Charlotte's house

The King of Cannonballs.....Caleb
Our hostess: Charlotte, Jana, and Clay

The Queen of Cannonballs.....Jana

Me, Caleb, and Rylee....before we became lobsters!!!!

The kiddos: Caleb, Rylee, Clay and Jana

Swamp Monster.....Rylee

Say cheese.....Clay just hanging around!

My 1st Harvest

My 1st harvest from our garden: squash, bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers. Mr. Bunny is licking his lips wishing he could nibble a little. :) We are patiently waiting for the tomatoes to ripen.

Our 13th Anniversary

Surrounded by family and friends

Two become One!!!

June 14, 1996, I married my soul mate....Taulbe. We had dated for four years before we married, and now we are celebrating 13 years of marriage. Actually, we liked each other for awhile during grade school....little did we know that we would say "I Do" many years later.
Thank you for a wonderful life and two precious boys! Love you!
I took a picture of my wedding pictures that is why they are so blurry. :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dinner for one- red transferware

It is Tablescape Thursday with Susan from Between Naps on the Porch. Check out all the great ideas from all the gang. There are a lot of beautiful tablescapes just waiting to be seen. I took the lazy route this week. I did not want to take down last week Tablescape, therefore I made a TT for one. I use some misc. red transferware. Don't you just LOVE transferware? Yes, you do!!! In any color too!!
I know....needs a candle or flower arrangement. :)

Teapot was purchased from eBay a few years ago. The cream and sugar are Memory Lane, and I have had these pieces before I was even married.

The stemware is Johnson Brothers' British Castles.....Christmas present from moma.

Yes, I know....out of order. This is a cake plate from my dear friend, Kathryn.

These plates came from a local antique store a few years ago. This is a plate of Betsy Ross. Do you know who she is? Scroll down and you will find out, but you should already know! I have some more plates to this Historical America Collection.

Well, this was my tablescape for this week. Thank you for stopping by. Be sure to check out all the other great will not be disappointed. :)

Rylee & his Spiderman Ready Bed

Finally, the finished product! I can finally rest in my new comfy bed! Thanks! Abby
Abby (Adam's girlfriend) gave this to Rylee for his belated birthday gift Sunday night.

This is a lot of work....Moma will you do it for a while?

Tractor Pull

Granddaddy taking the kiddos to the Trator Pull last Friday night. Afterwards, the kids stayed the night with BB and Uncle Ezra and went swimming. No photos to share. :(

Ezra's Birthday

Ezra, Bethany (BB), Noah, and Sarabeth help their daddy celebrate his 33rd birthday. We ate supper at my in-law's house (Ezra and my husband are brothers), they grilled out.
Granddaddy taking Rylee for a spin on the John Deere "Big Boy" toy.

Granddaddy taking Caleb for a spin on the lawn mower....notice how EXCITED Caleb was to have his picture taken!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Snowing in June????

Our unpredictable weather in the South.....Last Tuesday (yeah this posting is a little late), June 2, we had a hail storm with no warning. It was raining VERY hard, and the next thing we knew it was hailing....I mean hailing!!! It was about dime size, but a large amount of it. My mother and I went outside about 1 1/2 later to look around. In the shaded areas around the shrubs, you could STILL see the hail. My mother lives about 2 miles from us, and it did not hail at her house only rained a lot. You never know what the weather is going to do around here!!!

Later that evening, I was inspecting my garden. and the hail beat my tomato plants TOO DEATH!! I had broken limbs on the tomato and cucumber plants. Also, my day lilies and germaniums were beaten too. Hopefully, everything will survive! :)

Simple Things

The kiddos enjoying the simple things in life....sidewalk chalk and hanging out with each other.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Something Blue: MeMaw's China, Tiara, and Blue Willow

I decided to change my dining room table, and I dragged things out from all over the house to use. I have never use my MeMaw Smith's china or crystal. I only used one type of her stemware. I love anything blue.
I did not take a picture of the bottom of the china...sorry. Also, I used some of my Crown Tiara dishes.

This is a close-up of her not know the pattern. Do you?

These crystal salt & pepper shakers are the only pieces of Waterford Crystal that I own. They were a wedding gift almost 13 years ago.

Like I mentioned before, I have things from all over the house.

The back view of the table.

Bird's eye view!

The famous blogland birds from Target. They flew in right at the perfect spot. :)

One Last Party

The "Clean-Up Crew": Me, Caleb, Sarabeth, and Rylee. We had the park area spic and span in no time at all. I had some good helpers! Thanks a bunch! :)
All the kiddos that came to PARTY!!!

Caleb with his skateboard theme cupcakes.

Rylee with his Wolverine theme cupcakes.

Caleb and his buddies: Jacob, Nick, Joseph, Alex, Nathan, and Caleb

Samuel, Sarabeth, and Rylee taking a break from the walking track.

Amanda, Jack, and Max had to leave early because Jack did not feel well. :) Thanks for stopping by.

All the kiddos digging into pizza, Dorritos, Spinach dip, grapes, and cantalope. Plus, tons of drinks. They played hard!