Thursday, January 13, 2011

Better Late than Never Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to the Barnett Christmas Home Tour.....Please dust the snow from your shoes because we DID have a WHITE CHRISTMAS this year! The tour with be short on words but full of photos!!!
Christmas cards from Christmas' past....I like displaying old "picture cards" from loved ones!

Dining room tree and other decor.....

The family tree in the living room and other decor....

The Elvis Tree greets guests at the front door....Thank you Thank you Very Much!!!

Lets go upstairs to see whats up there.......

My bedroom tree decorated with blues and browns.

The kiddos BIG tree in the foyer.

My dainty pink tree in the upstairs bathroom!

Caleb's sport themed tree in his room.......

Rylee's superhero themed tree in his room......
*****Editor's note- Remember for some silly reason, , our new computer will NOT let me rotate the photos vertically. Sorry, hope you do not get a crick in your neck!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Pics Part II 2011

Told ya it snowed 8 inches around here......
Our humble abode covered in snow......ahhhh how peaceful! Yeah, I know it is time to take down the Christmas wreaths. I am working on it....I promise. I don't get in a big hurry taking down my Christmas decor plus it takes 4ever taking down 12 trees!!!

Just call me...Snow Princess! hehe

Kiddos and Pepper running from the camera as usual! Notice the Wal-Mart sacks on their feets? You know you are red-neck, when you wear plastic bags on your feet to keep them dry! hehe Gotta buy them boys some boots!!!

Reminds me of a GIANT Snow Cone!

Pepper enjoyed being with his family in the snow!

More Christmas decor with snow!

National Champions....War Eagle!!!!

Every Auburn fan BIG or small is celebrating today (and the rest of the yr) for their HUGE victory!!! We are the 2011 National Champions!!! Auburn beat Oregon 22-19! War Eagle...HEY!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Let it SNOW.....

We have not had this much snow in over a decade according to the local news today. I measured 8 inches....have a picture to prove it BUT for some reason Blogger will not let me upload any more photos. I still have several to share of the snow!
Views of our backyard........

Also, since we got a new computer, I cannot rotate my photos on Blogger. What is up with that. I rotate them BUT when they are posted they are back like this!!!! HELP!!!!

The snow is very fine and chance of making a snowman this time around. So.......

We made snow cream instead. Enjoyed every bite!!!!