Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rylee sporting his new wheels

Rylee got a Tony Hawk bicycle for his birthday. There are pegs on the front and back wheels. So, he will either become a master trick bicyclist or in the hospital....lets hope for the first. :)

Rylee's Birthday Celebrations

Rylee, Sarabeth, Caleb,and Noah.....the Four Musketeers! Before I even mentioned opening presents, they were sitting here waiting patiently.
Say, Sun-Drop Cake....Rylee's fav. Sarabeth, Noah, Haley, Rylee, and Caleb

Strike a pose.....Hurry up!!!! We want cake and ice cream!

The Family in our traditional spot on birthdays.

My camera was possessed last night during supper for some odd reason. All of my pictures were reddish and blurry. I grilled whole chickens and cooked baked beans, potato salad, salad, and pasta salad. Moma and Kathryn brought the same broccoli salad. Rylee loved all of his presents. Caleb got a couple of gifts too from Aunt Di and Kathryn. Fun was had by all!

These were the only kids from Rylee's Kindergarten class at school yesterday. There are usually 15 kiddos in his class. Rylee was so excited about me bringing homemade cupcakes, Pringles, Fruit-Rolls, and Capri-Suns to his class. Needless to say, I had a lot of left-overs. My boys are offically home for the summer....they are skipping two days of school. I know, I am such a cool mom! haha

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Rylee

Well, my baby boy is 7 years old today! Happy Birthday to you! I am taking a special snack to school today and cooking supper for the immediate family tonight. He is sooo excited about getting his presents and having company over just for him! This picture was taken when he was about 3, I think!? I will share pictures from the party later.


I had to share photos of my lilies. I love lilies, and I wish I had LOTS more of them. I have more more plant that has not opened up yet. Too bad they do not bloom all summer long.

Our LIttle Graduate, Sarabeth this picture! I do not know how I took this but I LOVE IT! Looks hazy and angelic.
The graduate with the crew: Me (aka:Tot), Caleb and Rylee

The cousins

Sarabeth and Tot

Granddaddy trying to keep the kiddos entertain before graduation.

Afterwards, we ate supper at Logan's. Also, it was Grandmoma's birthday. It was a night for celebrating. As usual, no photo of Grandmoma.....she would kill me! :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rylee's Patriotic Program

Rylee saying in part in the program. :)

Rylee and Gran

Rylee and Me

A few of Rylee's classmates: Rylee, Emily, Rachel, and Olivia

My Proud Little Boy!!!

All of the kindergarten classes performed the in the patriotic program. They all did an excellent job and worked very hard on their lines and songs. Of course, it was difficult to hold back the emotions. Great job, Rylee!!!!

Makin' Sparks

Caleb got a Sparks Razor Scooter for his B-day. This is one of the hottest item going at Toys R Us. They leave the shelves before they ever hit the shelves!!! We bought Caleb's at K-Mart. It is a really neat thing to watch in the dark...added bonus....exercise!!!

Caleb's B-day Supper

The Family: Rylee, Me, Caleb and Daddy
Just finished blowing out his candles....notice the smoke?

Rylee, Noah, Caleb, and Sarabeth.....say chocolate!!!!

The Birthday Boy, Caleb

Strike a pose....the cousins: Noah, Caleb, Rylee, and Sarabeth

I grilled hamburgers and hotdogs along with all the fixins for the immediate family. Happy Birthday, Caleb!!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Caleb!!!

Today, my baby is 11....hard to believe!! Cooking supper tonight for the immediate family and taking snacks to school to celebrate his big day. Share photos later....maybe I can get him to smile in some of the pics. Ya know he doesn't like to get his photo taken. :( He is growing up right before our eyes and I cannot keep him in clothes!!!

Jana and Clay came to play

Jana and Clay, my oldest and dearest friend Charlotte's kids, came over to play Thursday night while she went to the funeral home. Everyone had a great time playing ball, hide and go seek, riding in the jeep, and playing on the swing set. Rylee has always called Clay..."Play". Charlotte and I have been friends since the fourth grade, and now our kids are growing up together. :)

Pepper's new look


Guess you have noticed the difference in Pepper's new look? We think he looks SOOO cute with his new hair cut. I have the hardest time getting him into the back of the truck and into the groomer's building. But he is so happy to see me when I pick him up!!! He likes getting his hair cut because he KNOWS he looks good!!! He always gets a lot of extra attention too because he smells so good, and we cannot get enough of him. :)


My kitchen chairs were in desperate need of a make over!!! Fortunately, you cannot see the stains on the fabrics (that is what happens when you can two messy boys). Wednesday, my mother-in-law and I went to Fayetteville to Sir's. She did not find what she was looking for, but I did. Of course, we hit all the antique shops.

Looky what I found Part II

Well, I woke up to this mess Wednesday morning (May 13th). I was worried about what to do with the bird nest in the Christmas Cactus....well, the cats took care of it for me. Two of the eggs were missing and one egg was cracked and not to mention the mess on my back porch. I threw the nest away....poor moma bird! The leg on my ceramic bunny was broken, but I was able to glue it back into place. I KNEW this was going to happen eventually especially when the baby birds were born.

Andy came over to play

Andy, Mary's son, came over to play one day while she took Sam to the doctor. The kids enjoyed their time together playing outside and chasing lizards. YUCK!!!

Monster Jeep

Rylee thinks he is driving a monster truck/jeep. This is a stump in the backyard, and the kids like to drive the jeep over it (or at least try to drive over it usually they get stuck). The jeep is missing A LOT of parts because Rylee is VERY rough while driving. Look out when you see him coming. :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009


When I was on the Elvis website, I did not know what I was doing when I added the Graceland posting below. I was looking at something new, and it said to grab it and follow the this is what I got. Oh well, if you do not already know by now, I am a HUGE Elvis fan. Love his music, visiting Graceland, watching his movies, collecting Elvis ornaments, and whatever else Elvis you can think of. I have Elvis checks and an Elvis ringtone on my cell phone. My husband and kids think I am totally crazy and of course, they DO NOT like him at all. Maybe one day, I will rub off onto them...wishful thinking I know. :)

Elvis Presley's Graceland

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Moma and Me
I cooked supper for my moma and the in-laws. There were 16 of us including the kiddos. I grilled whole chickens, green beans, corn & rice casserole, spinach artichoke dip, baked potatoes, salad, and rolls. Bethany brought an apple pie with ice cream.

For almost 36 years, it has been only Moma and Me (my Daddy passed away when I was 4 mos old). Moma made several sacrifices for me and I am grateful for that. I can only imagine how difficult that was for her to lose her husband and to have to raise a 4 mo. baby on her own. Luckily, she had a lot help from both sets of grandparents. Mother's Day is a day to celebrate and appreciate your moms. I hope everyone had a terrific Mother's Day!!

Sarabeth and Rylee trying out the Farmall tractor....Future Farmers of America????

We ate lunch at Granny's (Taulbe's grandmother's house). This is a picture of all the mothers...rare occasion to get my mother-in-law in a picture. :) From l to r: Me, Aunt Di, Pam (my mother-in-law),Aunt Daisy (Granny's sister), Granny, Bethany (my sister-in-law),Tina, Lucy, Laurie, and Amanda holding Max.

Rylee and Me

Caleb and Me
These pictures are before church. The boys gave my a box set of Tresor by Lancome perfume. I have enough smelly stuff to last a looonnngggg time. ......came with three different sizes of perfume, body lotion, bubble bath, and hand lotion. What precious boys and husband I have!!!

Looky what I found

I was watering some of my flowers on Friday, and I found a visitor in my Christmas Catus (this is a very fragile plant and from my MeMaw). I googled bird nest to discover that I have a Sparrow visitor. The website that I was on said to destroy the eggs because these birds are pest and kill Blue Birds. YIKES!!! Everyone KNOWS that I am an animal lover!!! How can I destroy these innocent little baby birds?!? I slow down for birds in the road and stop and move turtles off of the road. This plant stand is about 3ft high....accessible for kitties. They will probably handle my bird issue for me, but damage my catus in the process. Blue Birds are a lot prettier than Sparrows!