Sunday, July 31, 2011

Caleb's bedroom got a "redo".....FiNaLlY

The Before Photo of Caleb's Room.......already had taken down the decorative stuff and moved furniture around.


Well, after having a John Deere border up for about 9 years.....I guess it is time to tear it down and bring out the paint brushes. Well, pay someone to do all of that! I finally "bite the bullet" and redid Caleb's bedroom after him begging and begging like 4-ever! Had to have some paint color that would blend in with the custom-made curtains cause I WAS NOT REPLACING those BABIES!!!! Paint color decision making was an easy task.....Drum roll please......Sherwin Williams Dormer Brown.


We could not hardly wait until the next morning until we could start hammering & measuring again to decorate his room! theme going on in here! Little bit of War Eagle....Auburn, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, & Steelers. Kinda got an assortment going on in here!

Some autographed photos that he has collected from the actual players.

I LOVE the pennants hanging from the ceiling! My fav.......

This was a plain ol' wall until we had our carpenter to put in a built-in bookcase! Didn't take long to fill these shelves up!

Just an added note......some reason or another, I cannot rotate my photos. Sorry! I tried! Be sure to check out what everyone else has changed on Susan's blog.....Between Naps on the Porch! Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some New Bedroom Pretties......

I am joining Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for Tabletop Tuesday. It has been awhile since I have partied with Marty, cause I have not changed anything around this house except for seasonal decor until now!

Found the pottery beauties at Burk's Outlet. If you have one in your area, it is worth the stop. They carry alittle bit of EVERYTHING....clothes and homegood items! The jar thingy was $9.99 and the candle pillar holder was $3.99. I thought they were worth coming home with me! I knew exactly where their home would be in my home! The candle was a STEAL at Hobby Lobby several months ago. Got that beauty for around 2 bucks off their clearance isle! Oh, yes! I grabbed that baby quickly!!! Perfect match for each other...don't ya think? All of the other accessories I have had for awhile. Either purchased at Hobby Lobby or a local antique store.

The 2 bottom books belonged to my late granddaddy. Love displaying things that belonged to loved ones! Be sure to check out Marty's blog and thanks for stopping by!~

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Displaying MeMaw's Quilts

These are two of my MeMaw's handmade quilts. These are heirlooms that will be passed down to my boys one day. I have a cedar chest full of her quilts. These were once displays on my cherry quilt rack, BUT a few months during a housecleaning accident.....I broke one of the legs off my beloved quilt rack! boo hoo....... So today, I had a BraInStorm! I love being surrounded by mentos that once belonged to loved ones. I placed two of her quilts on the rocker. The rocker was handmade by my husband great- great-uncle many many years ago. I have had it for about 15 years. The Ragdy Ann doll was mine as a child. Bless her heart....I thought she needed some make-up I guess, so I colored her with crayons! The handmade bonnet is MeMaw too. She NEVER worked outside in the yard/garden unless she had on a long sleeve shirt and a bonnet. The quilt in the seat of the rocker is the Double Wedding Ring pattern. This quilt is the first quilt she ever worked on in the late 1930's. I think she said 1937. She and my great-grandmother pieced this quilt. I do not know the other pattern. As a wedding present 15 years ago, she pieced us the Love Knot patterned quilt. We have slept under this quilt ever since. My MeMaw passed away in April 2010. I wish more than anything that she had taught me how to quilt. I have her quilting patterns BUT not her skills!