Thursday, November 3, 2011

Auburn Wreath

Well, all you AU fans will appreciate this posting and all you thrifty/crafty ones will appreciate it too. I noticed this mesh wreathes on an Esty website going for about 75 bucks. Yeah, I wanted one but not for that price......thought to myself.......try makin' one!

Bought some wooden letters at Michael's for about 1.50 ea.....wanted bigger ones but oh well! Bought some paint. Already had the circle foam paint brush busy paintin'.

Bough the wide ribbon mesh last year during an after-Christmas sale. That saved me some $$$$! Used pipe-cleaners to attach the ribbon to wreath. As you can see, I used a grapevine wreath. Got it 1/2 price at Hobby Lobby....that saved me some $$$$!

Alternated the colors......

Hung by front door so EVERYONE can see my talent...hehe and say WAR EAGLE!

Pretty nifty for about 20 bucks compared to 75 bucks!


Botanical Gardens

Rylee's class went on a field trip to the local Botanical Gardens. Weather was perfect....little chilly in the morning, but it ended up being just right!

Beautiful gazebo the perfect setting for a garden wedding......

Perfect place for wedding photos....the Koi pond

Looking thru a waterfall

Rylee and I enjoying the day together~

Who you gonna call??? Ghostbusters!

Throughout the garden, there were scarecrows all of different sizes and types!~ Rylee posed with some of his fav!

Halloween Fun 2011

We started our Halloween festivities by having a school sponsored Fall Festival. The next day was Rylee's Halloween party at school. Had lots of yummy treats for the kiddos to eat, and they were allowed to wear their costumes to school on Friday. Sunday, we gathered our pumpkins and our Jack-o-Lantern carvin' tools and got to work!

Rylee and his vampire inspired Jack-O-Lantern.

We always get the boys a little something for each holiday......nothing too big. Rylee got the new Captain America DVD and the Thor DVD. Caleb got a Auburn banner that shows the different AU symbols throughout the years. Note to self~gotta hang that thang today!!!!

Where's the Zombie Skeleton???Kinda blends in the porch display, huh? Better not kill my scarecrow....he's part of the family! Been around since 1997!

Took Rylee 4-EVER to decide on a costume this year.....he is usually a baby is growing up! From superheroes to Zombie Skeleton! YIKES!!!

Talk about growing up, Caleb didn't even go Trick-or-Treating this year~ He stayed at home until it was time to hit the family homes.

Havin' a simple brother-to-brother or should I say Zombie-to-brother disagreement! hehe

The cousins at grandmoma's house: Noah, Caleb, Sarabeth, and Rylee.

Off with his head.....Rylee is really enjoying this whole Zombie experience!

Next stop, Aunt Di's house: Rylee, Haley, Presley (dog), and Caleb.

Talk about strikin' a pose.....Presley, Haley, Rylee, and Aunt Di.

The love birds: Josh and Haley

Well, Rylee got a boatload of candy this year......guess that means more chocolate candy for moma! Yippee!