Friday, March 30, 2012

TN Lottery

Unless you are under a rock, you have heard that the TN Lottery is 640 Million $$$$. Yes, you read it correctly! My quiet little town has been overtaken by lottery-buying out-town folks! The past 2 days has been insane around here if you want to run to the store.....get gas......or etc. There are 5 main lottery stores here. All of 5 of them have been covered over the past two days.....parking lots packed.....people parking in nearby parking lots.....people parking on the side of the main road......people standing in line all the way outside the stores......all of this for their chance of the millions!
One of the stores is a mile from our house. I could walk to the store. I can honestly say that I have NEVER purchased a lottery ticket. I sure I am one of the few....definitely in the minority! Oh well, I stand by my beliefs on this issue. Heard on the radio that someone spent $3000.00 on tickets!!! Hope that was NOT a house payment....part of a child's college tuition.....vacation money! I know that whoever wins the $$ will be tickled pink or should I say green (covered in $$$ green). Hope he/she spends and saves the money wisely! There are mixed opinions on the lottery. I know that my children benefit from it when and if they attend a TN college. I'll like it then! It has just blown my mind these past two days with all the traffic in my quiet little town. Hope they have stopped by some of our other businesses like restaurants or gift shops. See what else we have to offer! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

~Rosey Belle Barnett~

Drum roll~ Please~ introducing the newest member of our family.....Rosey Belle Barnett became a part of our family about 2 weeks before Christmas. She was my Christmas present from hubby. NEVER in my WiLdesT dreams did I EVER think I would have an inside puppy!!! Taulbe has always been DeaD set against it!!! She was 12 wks old when she arrived with a red ribbon around her neck!
This is one of the more recent photos......she makes the cutest faces! Are you talking about me????
This is her as a baby....not long after we got her! She has grown sooo much!

Say Cheese......
The kids and I love her to pieces! She has added so much to our lives! There is NEVER a dull moment while Rosey Belle is around!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beta Club Inductions

Caleb was inducted into the Jr. Beta Club....whoop whoop! Proud moma doin' a shout out!

Our family.....Taulbe and I both graduated from the same high school that Caleb is now attending! awwwh

Caleb and Gran

Caleb and Grandmoma

Caleb and Granddaddy

FFA Week

No! Your eyes are NOT deceiving you.....those are tractors at the high school. It was FFA week at school, and students could drive their tractor to school on Friday. Got to remember....we are southern folks.....hold doors open for total fried with s-l-o-w-e-d down speed.....blast country music from our vehicles whatever they are.....wear cowboy boots with EVERYTHING.....ride 4-wheelers.....girls don't mind getting alittle dirty.....say yes mam & no mam......LOVE sweet tea.....and if you live around here-drink Sun-Drop.....and wave at perfect strangers!!!!

Caleb is a member of FFA this year and he is really enjoying Ag as one of his classes. They had different things to do each day of the week. Monday-FFA officers dress-up day, Tuesday-Overalls, Wednesday-Cowboys dress-up day, Thursday-Camo day, Friday-Drive your Tractor to school and Carhart day.

ART Night @ school

At Rylee's school a few weeks ago, they had family night during the Book Fair and had Art Night. Every student's art was displayed throughout the school according to their grade level. This has become an annual event thanks to Mr. T, the Art teacher. I have known "Mr. T" for most of my life because he lives next door to the house I grew up in.....moma stills lives there too. Mr. T does an excellent job with the kiddos teaching them various techniques in art.

Kindergarten.....they also had some fish hanging from the ceiling that I forgot to photo :(

First grade.....these were created by dots

Second grade

Third grade.....puffy fish

Fourth grade

Fifth grade