Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tablescape Thursday~ Eclectic 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to all of you and God Bless America and our Troops.....I am joining Susan from Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. Be sure to check out all the other talented tablescapers because we all love playing with our dishes.
I have created an eclectic tablescape by using Dollar Store finds, Christmas floral picks, Memaw's fine crystal, wedding gifts, transferware, and Tiara. As you can see, I used a little bit of this and a little bit of that to create my 4th of July Celebration tablescape. Pour a glass of ice cold lemonade and stay awhile.....

Editor's note: A little bit of education on the way....who knew you could learn something from transferware!

Blue Crown Tiara and my wedding stemware

Christmas floral pick reminds me of a red-hot firecracker....don't ya think?

Gotta have some birdies

Silver and pearls.....what a combo

Even the red Tiara candlestick deserves a little bling!

Wedding gift

Bird's eye view of centerpiece

More fireworks.......

Over all view of the table
Placemats from Dollar Store.....this Spring
Napkins from K-Mart....after Christmas sale for .50 each
Gibson White plates from Big Lots
Polka Dot plates from Dollar Store.....this past Christmas (they have a snowman on them)
Pink Tower by Spode Salad Plates (2) gifts
Blue Crown Tiara......purchase many years ago about 16 yrs. ago
Clear gift
Transferware plates.....local antique store purchased at different times
Memaw's fine crystal candleholders (2)
Various candleholders.....Dollar Tree and antique store
Floral garland from Wal-Mart....this Spring for 1.00 on clearance
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Happy 4th to you and your family!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Raftin' We WILL Go.....

The "Dare Devil Adventurous" side of me went white water rafting about a month ago. TOTALLY LOVED IT and would most definitely do it again!!!! I went with Abby (brother-in-law's girlfriend) and some of her co-workers. She works at a dentist office. We were all smiles while battling the white capped rapids! ( I am the second one on the left side when looking at the picture....actually the right side of the boat when sitting in it )
Yes, we had some brushes with death....well, kinda! Felt like it anyways....the rush was amazing, but the water was a freezing 60 degrees. We were screamin' and laughin' for 10 miles.

I was game for anything the river could dish-out......washing machine where you make 360 degrees turn arounds or the side of river where it was a little bit more rapid. I know my fellow raft mates wished that I would SHUT UP!!!!

Yes, we did get to swim in the freezing cold water....not by choice! I had the privilege of swimming with rocks at one moment. Another raft ran into ours which caused us to "taco". In other words, the raft folded up, and I was thrown out. The water was very shallow, BUT the current was super-duper fast and strong. People were telling me to stand up....well, easier said than done. I was trying to stop by using my hands, but I jammed my index finger on my right hand and bent back several fingernails in the process. Finally, I was carried to another raft. They TRIED to get me into their raft, BUT it started moving. During this, they had aholt of my life jacket and was scrapping my back across the rocks. Lucky me! Yes lucky me!! I could have been really hurt, but I was not. Scrapped my knee, elbow, and shoulder.......rescued finally. Joined my fellow raft mates and finished the journey. We had an AWESOME guide.....she totally rocked and was great to be around. They fed us a yummy lunch too. I was NOT ready for this adventure to end. Great time was had by all.....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

We are EXPECTING......

Baby Box about 3 months! Caleb found Scrappy (this is what we named this turtle because she has a scrapped place on her shell) in our backyard. Of course, he picked her up and brought her closer to the house so we could all enjoy her for awhile. Her back end was all dirty....little did WE KNOW she was DIGGING a hole for her NEST to LAY EGGS!!!! About an hour had past, Rylee comes yelling in the house. "Moma, that turtle has laid eggs!" Of course, I thought NO WAY!!! Well, there laid 3 white eggs on our sidewalk. It totally amazes me that these eggs came from this turtle!
A little scale comparison.....

What is a person to do with 3 turtle eggs? I looked on the Internet first. Then, I called our vet, but they did not know what to do. They gave me a phone number to our local wildlife management. Well, of course no one answered the phone and I left a voice mail. No one EVER returned my call either....thanks a lot! So, what is a concerned animal lover and mom to do???Call the local zoo of course. We had just been at this zoo the day before (takes about 2 hrs. to get there). They knew just what to do! Mark the eggs with a pencil, so you will know the top of the egg! DO NOT turn upside down and shake the eggs!!!!

Dig a hole 6 inches deep in a shaded and well-drained area. I chose my shrub bed beside the back porch. Cover the hole and wait patiently for 3 months. The lady said they probably will not make it because the eggs were in the HOT sun too long....but wishful thinking is what I say!!!! We (strike that) I said a few words of encouragement before I covered the eggs. Only time will tell if they make it or not. I did my part! :)

Scrappy is on the left. The night before, we found the other box turtle in our driveway. He hung around for about 2 days. The moma, aka Scrappy, got the heck out of Dodge!!! I am always helping out turtle when I turtles that is. If I see one in the road, I stop and move them to safety. Sometimes, we bring them home for awhile. Back in May, we had Frisky in the house for awhile. He was NOT bashful at all. We share this Earth with all of God's creatures. I teach my boys to respect them and to be kind to them. Thank goodness, they take after me and share my lovin' for animals!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Giveaway WINNER!!!!!

I chose the winner the "Ole Fashion" way....wrote everyone's name on a sheet of paper, tore it into strips, folded the strips, tossed them into an Auburn cap, and chose the lucky winner.
Drum Rooollll.....announcing my 200th posting giveaway winner.....Debbie from!!! Thanks to everyone that entered. Debbie, I will get busy makin' your personalize tassel. Hope you enjoy your goodies!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

200th Posting Anniversary Giveaway!!!!

It is so hard for me to believe that I have almost reached my 200th posting. I never imagined that I would have sooo much to share with y'all, my fellow bloggers. I feel like I know some of you so well, but we have never met....only in Blogland! I have decided to offer a giveaway to celebrate my 200th posting milestone. What should I offer??? What is something that everyone in Blogland LoVeS? Wheels started turning. What else would I offer except something handmade and something to use on Tablescape Thursday.
I am still searching for just the RIGHT piece, BUT I am offering some type of transferware. Probably blue or maybe red, only time will tell. I will know it when I see it. :)

Everyone loves something handmade and especially monogrammed, so how about a tassel. A little customizing is available. Hope this looks good to y'all. I am not good with rules and being bossy, but here it goes. You have three chances to enter your name into the pot. Here it goes....
1st: Leave a comment here.
2nd: Tell me that you are a follower, if you are not one then become one if you like.
3rd: Post this giveaway on your blog and let me know that you posted it.
Understand the rules? Ya got 3 chances to enter your name into the pot. Good luck to all. Most of all, thanks for stopping by and seeing what I have been up too. By the way, you have until June 24th to enter.
I will announce the winner on June 24! Be sure that I have some way of contacting you.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Thrifty Finds and alittle BLING~ Tablescape Thursday

I am joining the hostess with the mostess, Susan from Between Naps on the Porch, for Tablescape Thursday. Be sure to check out all the other stunning creations from the talented tablescapers. We love playing with our dishes.
I am sooo lovin this centerpiece, and I have been enjoying it for about 2 months now. Pewter cake plate was a Christmas gift 2 years ago. It is hand-blown Italian glass with pewter accents. Good thing it was a gift because it is too rich for my blood. :) Layered it with glass dish from thrifty finds posting, covered candy dish from wedding shower, and small cloche from Rachael as a thank you gift. Added a little BLING BLING by dangling sliver Christmas garland and pearl strands.

Made a little nest from pearls from my little feathered friend....who could ask for a better nest than one made from pearls!!!

Bird's eye view of cake plate....stunning

Reflections of the past.....goblets from wedding shower, famous blogland Gibson dishes from Big Lots, thrifty find saucer, crystal bell belonged to my MeMaw Smith's crystal collection....rings crystal clear.

Reflections of sunset has faded and a new day has begun......

I adore my thrifty find yellow crocheted napkins. So springy....fresh.....and inviting! Don't you agree? Tablerunner was made from my curtain material. Mr. Hubby gave me the runner as a Valentine gift many years ago.

Don't you just LOVE the napkins.....don't be too jealous?
Green juice glass was a great find from Target last Spring. Love the vintage look! Totally plastic, but I don't care one bit. It is all about the beauty.

Another angle of the centerpiece. Floral wreath was a thrifty find this past Spring from Wal-Mart....only $3.50.....what a steal! The orante candlestick is another piece from my MeMaw Smith's crystal collection. Do you know the pattern? We always thought is was Rose Point, but I am not sure.

Even the salt shaker got a little BLING BLING....had an extra pearl napkin ring, so I thought...why not! I only have three of the napkin hoo!

Closing with an overview of the tablescape! Thanks for stopping by.