Friday, March 11, 2011

Celebrating Gran's B-day

Febrauary 25 was my moma's birthday. She would kill me if I posted her age. I had to work that day, so I had to cook something simple. I cooked beef stew, Mexican cornbread, and baked a "frozen" apple pie. I gave her a Pandora charm for her bracelet and something else that has not arrived yet. Happy Birthday!
Who says you need a cake for candles? A pie works just fine, BUT let it cool before inseting candles....they will melt! hehe

Girl's Night

Watch out.....the girls are out and running loose...... April, Debbie, Me, and Charlotte! We had our annual "Girl's Night". Notice the word annual.....need to make it more often!!! We had supper at Logan's. Had to wait forever for our meal which in means.....FREE FOOD! Yeap, we did not have to pay for supper which meant more $$$$$ for shopping! :) After supper, we had about an hour to kill before the late show at the movies. We headed to Berk's Outlet for a little looking and a little spending! Mostly talking! We always pick up right when we left off. Been friends since grade school! We have the best time when we are together! We saw the movie "The Roommate". Creepy....makes you NOT want to send your child off to college! Trust me!
Charlotte (aka Char) and Me

April and Debbie

Mother-to-be is NOW a mother!

Back in January, we hosted a baby shower for our cousin Kathryn. Well, today she welcomed her precious baby boy, Langdon Thomas into our loving family. He is a whopping 10.4 and 21 inches. She had to have a c-section due to his size. Everyone is doing fine. Unfortunately, I did not get to join the birthday party because I am home sick. Usually, when a baby is welcomed into our family......the whole family is there......cousins and all! I wish the three of you a lifetime full of love, joy, and happiness. I know you will be perfect parents, and you will raise him in a God-loving family! Bless wishes to all of you! Love to all! ( Posing for picture: Diane (Kathryn's mother-in-law), Kathryn, and Haley)

Here are some of the family members that hosted Kathryn's shower at Bethany's house (my sis-in-law). Lucy (aunt), Laurie (cousin), Bethany (cousin), Kathryn, Haley (Kathryn's sis-in law and our cousin), Tina (cousin), and Me (cousin). Kathryn married my husband's 1st cousin. Whether you are an in-law or not, you are considered family! :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Peabody Hotel Memphis

Back in December 2010, we visited the Peabody Hotel in Memphis. What trip to Memphis is complete without witnessing the world famous Peabody Ducks and Hotel. Not only is the hotel famous for the ducks, BUT for the Lansky Brother's Clothier to the King. Elvis Presley that is......Any Elvis fan HAS to walk thru this store. Probably will not purchase anything, BUT you hafta walk thru!!!!

Making a mad dash to the fountain. The duck walk takes place at 11:00 am daily. They stay in the fountain enjoying their swimming time until 5:00. (I think).

Well-pampered feathered friends......

The beautiful flower arrangement atop of the duck's private swimming pool.

The elaborate ceiling of the main lobby.

Can you say....a heck of alot of trim!!!!!

The duck's own Peabody Hotel on top of the hotel.

Their "other" swimming pool.

The traveling Elvis Fans......Me, Moma, and Granny.

The helicopter pad

View from the roof of the Peabody

Another view from the roof. You can see the Arkansas Bridge.
We enjoyed our trip to Memphis. I know it will NOT be my last. Gotta take my boys there one of these days. Gotta make Elvis fans out of them! :) Thanks for stopping by.