Monday, March 30, 2009

Keeping the kids

Saturday night, Noah and Sarabeth stayed the night with us. We spent the night coloring, playing Pick Up Sticks and baking Tea Cakes. I had some help with the baking. I let Sarabeth spoon the cookies unto the cookie sheet. Well, they looked like one big cookie when they were done. Oh well, they tasted good. :)

Dining Room Table

I have been wanting some Easter/Spring tableware for my dining room table. Little did I know that I would find some plates for 3.00 (for 20) at Hobby Lobby. I absolutely LOVE these plates!!! The only thing is....they are flimsy paper plates. But who cares....just look at them!!!! I started searching around the house for things to use a centerpiece. The birdhouses came from the back porch, therefore they got a special soapy bath. All I need now is some green glassware. I used my MeMaw's glasses for the time being.

DIY Quail Wreath

This my version of a Quail Egg Wreath. I got the idea from a fellow blogger...this is her website . I made some modifications, but the principle is the same. It took about two days to complete because I had to let the paint dry completely. I saw a wreath today at Pier 1, and it sold for 29.95. I have about 12.00 in mine, but I already had the grapevine wreath and the ribbon.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Art Show

Last night was my boys Art Show at their school. You could walk through the halls and observe every grade levels works of art. I must say all the classes did a terrific job. Very impressive!!! Their art teacher, Mr. T has done an excellent job with the students this year. Once again, I was without my camera.

Dinner and a Movie

Well, yesterday my friend Mary came over again for dinner and a movie. We look forward to this time where we can just relax, eat, enjoy a good movie, and chat. We usually watch an older movie that we have not seen in awhile. We watched "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". Very good movie....funny and of course Matthew McConaughey!!! We enjoyed eating Taco Bell and homemade Tea Cakes. Forgot to take a picture. :(

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I am sooo excited about Spring. Spring is my favorite season. It is a time for new beginnings and new life. I love seeing my plants sprouting from the ground. I love getting dirt under my fingernails. Watch out weeds because here I come!!!

A Spring Stroll

These are some of MeMaw Skeets' flowers. She called them "whites". Sometimes, I think she made up names for her flowers. The bunny is watching over them...peacefully.
This ivy survived all winter long on the back porch steps.

These are some of my lilies getting ready to make their debut in a few weeks. Cannot wait! Lilies are one of my most favorite flower.

This is Thrift that I got from my MeMaw Skeets' garden about 8 years ago. She had this flower up and down her side of the road. She lived in Tarpley Shop on Hwy. 31. Everybody knew who she was because of this flower. She even made the front page of their local newspaper one Spring.

This is a Camellia Shrub, and they are on either side of the front porch steps. They are absolutely beautiful while in bloom, but the only downside is the attract wasps!!

Getting ready for the Easter Bunny

This shelf was a gift from my mother-in-law one Christmas. I keep the rabbits on it year round. I know it looks crooked in the picture, but it is hanging straight. :) The picture is of Caleb's first Easter. He had his picture taken with a real bunny.
This is another grouping that stays out year round. It is also in the Master bath. The picture is a golden oldie of my husband and his brothers. How sweet!!!

This stays out all year long. I purchased the rabbit shelf at TJMaxx a few years ago on clearance for 4.99! I love TJMaxx!!!! This is in the master bathroom.

This grouping stays out all year long until Christmas. This table is a the top of the stairs.

Well, The Barnett household is getting ready for the Easter Bunny. I have been decorating for the special event. I wanted to redo everything with something new and use things that were not so "Eastery Looking" and more springy. I have not been able to buy anything new to decorate with. I am in the process of making a Quail Egg wreath, but I ran out of glue sticks. (Share a picture of it when I am finished with it). Some of these rabbits stay out all year long.....rabbits are a weakness of mine. Love them!!! Real or fake!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sarabeth's Princess Party

Sarabeth is five!!!

My niece, Sarabeth celebrated her 5th birthday on March 13th. She is 5 going on 13!! She had a family party on the day of her birthday. Bethany cooked supper for the immediate Barnett family. Sunday, March 15th, Sarabeth had a princess party with her little girl friends. They wore their princess dresses. Rachael, Jewel, Madelyn, Bethany, and I fixed them up like little princesses. We did their nails, hair, and make-up. The little girls really enjoyed themselves and behaved really well!!!

Circus came to town!!

This was Rylee's Spring field trip. Gran, Rylee, and I really enjoyed the show. Of course, we loved the animals!!! I spent most of my time trying to figure out the magic tricks. This was Rylee's first trip to the circus.


This posting is late of course....but I wanted to share the pictures. Rylee is not in any of the pictures because he was sick the day it snow. He DID NOT even feel like looking outside to see the snow until it was almost melted away.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Two Future Song Leaders

Well, Rylee FINALLY got his opportunity to lead a song last night at church. After the older boys lead their songs, he was the first one to volunteer. Yeah! He lead the song, Holy, Holy, Holy # 1. He did not do a lot of singing but he stood there with his little eyes looking over his song book looking around. Another proud moment!! Of course, my eyes were tearing up, but I was not quite as nervous this go around because I had already been there done that with Caleb.
Caleb lead another song too. Way to go boys!! After church, Rylee loved all the attention he was getting from the members telling him how well he had done. He was smiling from ear to ear! He did say he was shaking, and he was "stage frighten". :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Braggin on my boy

This posting is alittle late, but better late than never, right? On Feb. 25, I was sooo proud of Caleb. This was his 1st time to lead singing at church. On Wednesday nights, the young boys have an opportunity to lead singing. Well, Caleb finally got up enough nerve to do it!!! I was so nervous for him. I felt a hot flash overtake my entire body, butterflies were flying like eagles in my stomach, and I thought I could vomit at any given moment. I was so nervous for him. Of course, I had tears building up in my eyes as my precious young man was standing before the entire body of church to lead his first official song!!! "Number 19" Heavenly Sunlight was his selection. He said the number so clearly. Well, the moment was here....his first note....his proud moma cheering him on!!! He did it! Whew!
Now, Rylee wants to be like big brother. Rylee gets up two different times to lead a song, but someone else beats him to the front. Bless his heart! He gets an A for effort. Finally, he says,"I quit! Forget it!" Well, maybe next time.
What a proud moment! Caleb sang his first song, and Rylee tried!