Thursday, August 5, 2010

Flowering Beauties

Mr. & Mrs. Cottontail say, "Welcome to our garden!" Please no picking or nibbling of the flowers!

You will notice that Impatiens are my FAV flower. My mother calls them Everbloomers.

This little arrangement is in the inset of the front of the day there will be a FLOWING WATER FOUNTAIN!!! I have been waiting 3 years on that will HAPPEN!!!

These were freebies......they volunteered along the back porch shrub bed. Those are the kind of flowers I like....freebies.

Assortment of flowers along the back porch steps.....

These flowers greet the back-door guests. The Christmas Cactus is probably 15 years old or older. I have had it for 10 years, and it was my grandmother's before that.

I have had this beauty for 3 years. During the winter, she lives in the garage. I try to keep as many of my plants and flowers for years!

Thanks for stopping by and viewing some of my flowering beauties. It is a wonder that they are still alive due to the 100+ degree temperatures with no rain in a month. Stay cool!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CSN giveaway......

Debbie from Debbiedoos is offering a out-of-this- WORLD giveaway. She is giving away 60 bucks to be spent at CSN store. I have NEVER been to one of these stores, BUT I know I could definitely spend 60 bucks! Be sure to check out her giveaway! Thanks Debbie!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday~ A new vignette in the master bedroom

I am joining Susan from Between Naps on the Porch for Metamorphosis Monday, Rhonda from Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Treasures and Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for TableTop Tuesday. I have NEVER taken part in sooo many parties at one time! WOW!!! I purchased a few items here and there, and of course they needed a new home. The thrifty items were purchased at a local antique store, but I thought they were good buys. Of course, I shopped around the house and inside the "secret stash closet". Well, I finally decided where these items would be placed for the time being and got busy.....busy dusting, rearranging, and snapping photos. I liked the "before" photo, BUT more is ALWAYS better RIGHT???? I mentioned before.....nothing wrong with this vignette.....BUT a little change NEVER hurts!!! My Staffordshire doggies are little sad because they have not found the "just right" spot yet! They are howling at the moon and whining a little. Bless their hearts!

AFTER........some of the same items BUT notice the new pretties.

The wall hanging.....I have had this for years. I purchased this at a local antique store for around 20 bucks. The print is nothing special as far as canvas for anything. I was paying mostly for the frame. I LOVE unique frames, but the print was a little added bonus!

I "heart" having items displayed at varying heights...don't you?

The bell jar is a new find that I grab right up at a local antique store for 3 bucks. I knew right then......cloche decorating.......another accessory for Marty's Cloche Parties. Yippee!!!! The pretty shell inside is a recent find a wonderful store that I cannot remember the name. It was a tablescaper's dream!!!!! I wanted the shell for the coloration, so my moma bought it for me. I WAS NOT going to pay 10 bucks for that thing, so she did!!! Nice to have momas around!!!! :)

This little saucer was a find a couple of weeks ago at a local antique store for $1.50. I could pass it up because of the color scheme....just what I needed for my bedroom. ......browns and turquoise

I have had this "eye candy" for several years. Until about 3 years ago (when we change the color scheme of the master bedroom), it waited patiently in the secret stash closet. (You have one of the those places right?) This was a STEAL at Hobby Lobby for between 5-7.00 bucks on clearance. I course it went right into my buggy without thinking twice!!!

Varying heights is what books are for right????? The two bottom books belonged to my MeMaw and Granddaddy Skeets. The top two books are two old New Testament Bibles from my home church. Look....I told you that I even dusted for you! See the reflection of the shining like a new diamond! :)

Thanks for stopping by and viewing my minor changes. Be sure to check out all the other talented blogger and see what they have been up too.

Editor's note: I forgot to add the other parties' buttons. If I had added them later when I realized it then they would have been out of order....... like TableTop Tuesday would be listed first or something like that. Oh well, please forgive me. Not use to participating in sooo many parties!!