Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tablescape Thursday~ Easter Tablescape Sneak Peak Revealed!

I am joining our gracious hostess, Susan from Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday. This is a day that we all await anxiously for because it allows us to play with our dishes.
I am so lovin' this tablescape because it has so many "natural" elements.....the burlap, raffia, and dried hydrangeas. The dried hydrangeas are from our first summer together as a married couple in our new home. I picked and dried these from our bush in our yard. I have had these beauties for almost 14 years!

I am totally in love with these plates.....too bad they are paper! :( Yes, ladies and gents, you heard me correctly...they are NOT the "real" McCoy. Wish I could find some though...don't you? I purchased these from Hobby Lobby last year....1/2 price of course!

Inside my little dessert bowls (which came from W-Mart) are little, light as a feather bead fillers.

Egg covered kissing ball.....just hanging around decorating every little inch. :)

Well, night time has begun to fall. Time to light the candles and turn on the lamps.

Clear goblets are wedding not know the pattern. Small juice glasses (plastic) are from Target...last year. I love their vintage look.

This was a winning gift from a Dirty Santa game a few years ago.....I did well, didn't I?

Gotta have some birdies somewhere on a spring/Easter Tablescape.

Candles lit...check.....lamps turned on...check!

Notice the Gone with the Wind Lamp reflection in the plate......the lamp belonged to my MeMaw. I ALWAYS had my eye on this beauty!

Reflection of my buffet table in the window......still lovin' the lamp, right? Sorry that I did not take a picture of just the lamp. Maybe next time.

Spot light on Bunny Wonderland.....magical place to be....come on in!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my Easter Tablescape. Be sure to check out all the other talented bloggers who LOVE to play with their dishes too. Happy Easter to all!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

TableTop Tuesday~ Easter Decor Around the House

A BIG thanks to Marty from A Stroll Thru Life for hosting Tabletop Tuesday. I am taking you on a stroll thru my home, so I can show you some of my Easter decor. Let's get hopping.....
Some bunnies in Magical Bunnyland......nestled on top of the teacart in the dining room.

Bird's eye view.....

Wonder what this little fella is thinking about....

All the above bunnies were purchased at Hobby Lobby at 50% off or more throughout the years.

The dough bowl on the kitchen table gets a little Easter decor of course.

The mantel in the living room

Mr. and Mrs. Hare are just too cute. They look like they are ready to be unwrapped to discover a chocolate bunny inside. (They appear to be covered in colored foil). Purchased from Hobby Lobby 50% off of course. The plate is a recent find at Cracker Barrel.

Just a hanging in the dining room.....

Mr. Lop Ears is hiding from Mr. McGregor because he borrowed some carrots from his garden....ssshhh...don't tell!!!!

Alittle sneak peak at Tablescape Thursday.....

Spring has sprung around the house

Grape sweet and springy

Buttercups or Daffodils.....around here, we call them Buttercups!

Buttercups or Daffodils???

This is Rylee's favorite tree in the yard. Not because is small enough for him to climb, but because it produces some yummy fruit he likes to eat. Keep scrolling down to find out.....

These blooms will eventually produce..... (if the Japanese Beetles do not destroy the tree first)

Yummy, juicy plums......

Bradford Pear Trees....oh so pretty when they are in bloom!

Flowering Cherry Tree (of some sort)....It will be amazingly beautiful when in full bloom!!!

Camelia Bushes flank each side of the front porch steps. They are beautiful when in full bloom. The only down side.....the wasp love them too.

Close-up of the bud. In a few days, the bushes will be covered with these.

Like I mentioned before, the Camelia Bush is beautiful in full-bloom. Spring is my favorite time fo the year. I love watching all the plants and animals start a new life. It is a time for a new beginning. I cannot wait until I can start digging into the dirt again.

This is a photo of my mother's Tulip Tree. It usually gets frozen out every year, but not this year. It is not in full bloom yet, but almost!!! These are beautiful trees. Did not get a close up of the bloom...sorry!

Pets' Photo Shoot....

Pepper, AKA: Woolly Bully, Pepper Shaker, Moma's Boy....He is sitting so proudly for this photo. He LOVES his family sooo much. I believe he could live on love alone. He makes every step I make while I am outside. He is a "moma's boy". He is a full-blooded Australian Shepherd. He previous owners gave him to us. He is blind in one eye....the previous owner's horse kicked him in the eye...poor baby!

Oreo, AKA: Slick Stick, Ole Timer....He is thirteen years old. He is a very calm cat, but not a lap cat. :( Notice his one white eyebrow? When we still had our Dalmatian, Fiesty, he would try to nurse on the dog. Fiesty and Oreo were best buddies. They would sleep together in the dog house and eat together. I can tell that he is getting a little slower in his steps. Bless his heart!

Callie, AKA: Fuzz Buzz, Callie Allie....In this photo, she is saying Do NOT mess with ME!!!! She has a serious attitude. Grouchy is not the adjective for her. She loves to be petted mostly by me, but when she has had enough....that is it!!! Watch out!!! She is a stray that showed up the day after Thanksgiving five years ago. She will not let me comb her hair under her chin and belly. She has no fear what so ever.....Pepper is scared too death of her!!

All of my pets are giveaways or strays. If I could, I would take in every stray the wondered into our yard, but Mr. Hubby says "No more pets". I stand by Bob Barker's famous quote..... "Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered".