Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day in case you did not know. Try to do your part to make the World a better place for the future generations. It does not take a HUGE effort on your part. Here are a few things that we do as a family:

1. changed our light bulbs to those new curly-q looking ones (do not know the correct name)
2.turn the water while we brush our teeth (I have even taught Noah and Sarabeth to do this...yeah)
3. try to turn the lights off when we leave a room
4. recycle: magazines, newspapers and cans (You can sell your cans for money!!!)
5.reuse: Wal-Mart sacks for garbage bags, donate toys and clothes, reuse Christmas bows of course
6. reduce electricity and water as mentioned above
7. do not litter!!!!!
8.Plant trees or keep the ones you have...need them for the air with breathe
9. wash full loads of dishes and clothes
10. Try to use LESS hot water
11. Leave No Trace....Something we learned in Cub Scouts: Do not bother nature by pulling bark from the trees, breaking limbs, disturbing the wildlife and etc.
12. bumped up the thermostat a degree or two

I know there are a lot more things you could do, but these are just some simple things you can do on a regular basis. Before long, you start to do these things without even thinking about it. We all need to do our part, for our children and grandchildren.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Fun

Everyone is happy...big and small. What a precious bunch of little ones!!

Max found some eggs and some grass too....Thanks Easter Bunny!!!

Race till the end to see who has the most eggs.....look at them go!!!

Rylee, Caleb and me (Can't you tell how much Caleb LOVES getting his picture taken???)

Rylee, Sarabeth, Caleb, and Noah ....On your mark get set GO!!!!

Noah, Caleb, Rylee and Sarabeth waiting to hunt eggs!

Jack...striking a pose!!!

After church, we went to Granny's (Taulbe's grandmother) for our traditional Easter lunch with all the fixins' and the annual Easter egg hunt. Everyone enjoys being together and the kids love spending time together playing and of course, hunting eggs. A race till the end to see who has the most. Even some adults hunted for all!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

In our Easter Best

All decked out in our Sunday best. Forgot to take the boys pictures with their Easter baskets. Oh well, there is always next year!

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!!!

The Easter Bunny made a stop at the Barnett household Sunday morning. Rylee got the Wolverine costume (from the X-Men movies....he is ALL about super-heroes), and Caleb got a display case to store his autographed Auburn football (we went to Fan Day last year at Auburn). Of course, they both got candy. Rylee has already had Gran to sew some holes up in his costume because he has had it on and off so many times since Sunday.

Monday, April 13, 2009

coloring eggs

No plastic eggs for us.....coloring eggs is a Easter tradition at the Barnett household. Rylee had been wanting to color eggs for about two weeks. Just imagine how nicely those eggs would have smelt for the the egg hunt! Our eggs were suppose to be camo looking, but they were still pretty. The boys had fun.

Prom Princess

This is what happens when you do not want you hair to mess up....the wind blows REALLY REALLY hard!!!! Notice the umbrella. Luckily, Tina used some super duper hairspray on Haley's hair. They had a terrific time dancing the night away. Thanks for letting me share just a small moment of this special night with y'all.
Bethany, Me, Sarabeth, Haley, Jewel, Tina and Kathryn

Haley had a hair appointment with a local hairdresser, but her shop was flooded the morning of the appointment. Haley's mother called in reinforcements: Bethany and Tina. Bethany did Haley's makeup and Tina did Haley's hair. I stood around and supervised. haha I was the photographer for the event. Who needs professionals when you got family!!!

The lovely couple....Aaron and Haley

This is our cousin, Haley. She is a making her appearance for the 1st time to her date/boyfriend, Aaron. He was pleasantly surprised to see Haley looking sooo good for their date for their high school prom.