Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cherry Blossom Photo Session

Just a beautiful spring day.....three kids willing to pose.....a mom/aunt willing to snap away with camera......what more could ya ask for?????

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inital Burlap Wreath

The supplies needed to make a burlap wreath that is ALL the BuZZ around blogland! I had to make another trip to Michaels to get one more roll of burlap ribbon. Took about 2 hrs to achieve the finished product......which I LOVE!!!! Hard to explain how to do it! Make sure you use different size loops when pooking thru the rings of the wreath. You want the loops to be different sizes and going in different directions (or I did anyway). When you start and finish with a roll of burlap, tie it off with wire. I used 2 1/2 rolls of burlap. I attached the B using some twine I had on hand. I spent about 17.00 bucks making my wreath. I had two 40% coupons from Michaels which I applied towards the ribbon.

I LOVE the natural look of the wreath. Love using burlap around the house! Happy Wreath Making!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Decked out in our Sunday best.....

Easter Decor

Springtime has arrived in the dining room......Mr. Bunny is surrounded by a garden of blooming pretties!

Blogland famous Big Lots Gibson dinnerware and pink cabbage leaf salad plates.
Green glassware is from Target, and the pale pink tea glassware belonged to my MeMaw.
The china cabinet in the kitchen....simply decorated for Easter.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Baskets

The Easter Bunny made a delivery at the Barnett house on Easter morning. He even left something for Rosey Belle (our inside doggie).
Rylee's basket

Caleb's basketThe boys checkin' out their loot!
The boys baskets are Longeraberger Baskets. They each got one the year they were born. We use the same basket each year.

Easter 2012.....coloring eggs

Rylee couldn't wait to color his eggs.....has some new stuff this year. Notice the little paint rollers.
Rylee hard at work designing his masterpiece!
Caleb couldn't miss out on the action. He colored two eggs!
Finished product~ eggs waiting for their debut at the Jones' family Easter Egg Hunt 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

Charlotte and I took our kiddos to Chuck E Cheese during Spring Break. We usually try to do something together with our kiddos when we are out of school.
My boys with their loot from their tickets. They had saved their tickets for YEARS, so they could get better "junk" Caleb had some tickets since 2003.....no joke! Rylee had over 1800 tickets, and Caleb had over 1300 tickets. Wish they could save $$$$ that well!
Jana and Charlotte
Clay enjoying a game!

Girls Night Out

To kick off Spring Break....my BFF Charlotte and I hit the town running! First, she treated me to an early birthday treat....spa pedicure! Which included mango rub, some minty stuff, hot towels on legs THEN the pedicure. Needless to say my feet were in desperate need of some TLC!!!! My feet thank you...Char! Then off to supper and a movie! We ate at O'Charley's....pigged out on some hot, yummy rolls! Nothing new was playing at a decent time, so off to the cheap movies we go! We saw Red Tails!
Left: Charlotte's ......Right: Mine
Nothing like having pampered feet....so I hear an AMEN! :)

Rylee's Science Fair Poster

Well, it was that time of the year again...Science Fair at school. Decide on topic, get supplies, get busy making poster.......ta da finish project!!! Rylee LOVES working on his projects for school. He likes school, BUT he would NEVER tell you that! :) He received an Honorable Mention Ribbon~ so proud~

Gran's Birthday

Gran (my moma) celebrated another birthday. This is another belated posting! I cooked supper for her and gave her two Pandora charms for her bracelet.
Gran with her grandboys....Rylee and Caleb

I didn't have time to bake anything, so we enjoyed a store bought turtle pie. It was yummy!