Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rylee turns 10 years old

My baby has turned 10 years old. Boy, how time flies.....Rylee got a Kindle Fire, a game for his Xbox, and a Case knife from us. This was the first time he had EVER had a spend-the-night party. He invited four of his buddies to stay the night.....Well, they stayed UP all night long.
 Started the night with a quick visit to the park......
 Rylee and Tad
 The kiddos "rockin'"  it out with Guitar Hero!
 Rylee opening his gifts from his buddies.
 Time for the family party/supper
 Rylee requested his favorite cake.....a Sun-Drop Cake~yummy
Ended the night with the traditional family photo

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dirty Job

Dirty Job BUT somebody had to do it.....glad it wasn't me! Caleb helped Taulbe cut the grass, and he got just alittle dirty in the process! Dusty from head to toe.....that just shows ya how dry it is in these parts.....need to do an Indian rain dance!

FBC Ladies Night 2012

 My dear friend, Charlotte, invited me to her church's first ever Ladies Night Supper. Each table was decorated with a different theme and beautifully decorated. We were treated with a delicious meal, inspirational speaker, and singing by her talented sister, Diane Rogers.
 All the guests at Charlotte's Fruit of the Spirit table.....
 Diane Rogers sang two songs.
Charlotte's family: Charlotte, Aunt Sherry, Diane, Jana, Mrs. Hicklen, and Patrica (her moma)

Caleb turned 14

 Caleb had some friends over for a spend the night party. That night, we roasted marshmellows and hotdogs.....stayed up WaaaaaY too late......had a good ole' time! The next morning, I fed the "bottomless pits" then off to the train tracks and to the creeks!  In the above pic, Bleu and Caleb swam across the creek to the other side to a little "island". They were sooo proud of their accomplishment! :)
 Just hanging out with the guys! Notice the it!

 We always hafta make a trip to the train tracks....are they vibrating???Oh no! Run & hide!

 Hangin' out at the campfire. Taulbe put up the tent, BUT everyone slept indoors.

 Caleb's new bike! Also, he got to Case knives and a Peyton Manning jersey.
 Growing up too fast! Can't believe he is 14~
 He asked for a strawberry cheesecake....didn't last very long! YUMMY
Our family...