Thursday, December 24, 2009

14 Christmas Trees.....

Our family tree in the living room. The angel has graced our tree for the past 13 Christmases!
The victorian themed tree in the Dining Room.

The half tree in the Dining Room

The floral/victorian tree on top of the mantle in the living room

Taking Care of Business with my Elvis Tree....right by the front door!!!

Edity -bity tree in the downstairs master bathroom

The kiddos tree in the upstairs foyer

Let the lights shine.......

The newest tree this our master bedroom

Twin trees at the top of the stairs

War Eagle Baby.....this tree was a new addition last year! Still a work in progess!

Sport themed tree in Caleb's room

Super-hero themed tree in Rylee's room

My little pink tree in the upstairs it cute or what?

Well, did ya count them all.....fourteen in all. Yes, I must be a little crazy or obsessed with Christmas Trees!!! I count every size and shape when it comes to Christmas Trees. Guess you noticed that? You all know what I will be doing after the holidays...taking down trees!
Wishing all of you a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year!

Welcome to the formal dining room! Come on in and stay awhile. Dinner will be served shortly. Please ignore the UGLY blue was here when we purchased the home. Remember that I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past 11 1/2 years.....when I get a full-time job.....the carpet is OUT OF HERE!!!!
I love my dining room furniture! Travel many miles to pick up this solid cherry beauty!

Notice my Christmas Tablescape??? Curtains were custom made by a local lady who makes curtains.

View of the Christmas Tree...victorian theme!

This is a half tree that hangs on the wall. Had it for many years!
Thanks for stopping by and checking out our dining room. Merry Christmas!

Looky at what I made.....

Thanks Shanty 2 Chic for the inspiration and the idea.....
Giving these to my two sisters-in-laws and the "other" maybe future sister-in-law! I think they turned out GREAT!!!!! With a little paint, Gorilla Glue, jute, hot glue gun, unfinished wood stuff and little bit of time and patience.......this is what ya get! A homemade Apothecary Jar!!!!!

Roughed up the edges a bit for a little chicness!

All I need now is a pair for I come Hobby Lobby!

The story of the Gingerbread House

I think the elf did it......gotta blame someone, right?
Our gingerbread house.....looked good before the ride home!

Noah and Sarabeth's house did not make to the finish line....we got to nibble on theirs! :)
Every year, Bethany and I take turns decorating cookies and making a Gingerbread house at each other's home. This year Bethany was the hostess. We look forward to this every year....decorating, eating pizza and of course making a mess!!! This was NOT the year for the Gingerbread House!!!! We both had minor difficulties....thank goodness for a hot glue gun!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Elvis Christmas Tree

My treasured Elvis tree....full of ornaments from different places! Three from Graceland and one from Tupelo (his birthplace). I have been to Graceland three times, and I want to go back of course! Most of the ornaments play music. Rylee likes to press the buttons to turn them on. I do not mind either because I love to hear Elvis sing....don't you?
The topper...the card is an invitation to our cousins' 13th birthday party four years ago.

Around the base of the tree, I have placed different tins. Never too much Elvis.....

Our staircase....

I absolutely love decorating our staircase during the holiday season. Just wish that I had more $$$$, so I could add a lot more decor to the railings. Maybe one day.....
Close-up of the downstairs......

Close-up of the upstairs. I did not have enough of the exact same color of ribbon so, I use two different down and one up! I decorate the same way every year with small changes here and there.

The upstairs view....notice the tree in the background. This is the boys BIG tree. They each have a small tree in their rooms.

Thanks for stepping up onto the staircase and taking a peek. Merry Christmas to all.....

The Living Room Christmas Tour

Welcome to the room of the house where we gather for family time and watching TV and sometimes enjoy a meal. :)
I love to decorate the mantle and enjoy looking at the Christmas cards that we receive all season long!

Our family Christmas tree.....if these ornaments could tell their story!

I have been collecting Nutcrackers for about 4 to 5 years. I have quite a collection in such a short period of time. I sure do miss the Bombay Store because that is where most of these were purchased from.

Thanks for stopping by...try to show more of the house later!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let the Christmas Home Tour begin.....

Our home...decorated for the holidays! glad that you stopped by for a visit!

The friendly neighborhood reindeer.....waiting on their BIG night with Santa.