Monday, April 13, 2009

Prom Princess

This is what happens when you do not want you hair to mess up....the wind blows REALLY REALLY hard!!!! Notice the umbrella. Luckily, Tina used some super duper hairspray on Haley's hair. They had a terrific time dancing the night away. Thanks for letting me share just a small moment of this special night with y'all.
Bethany, Me, Sarabeth, Haley, Jewel, Tina and Kathryn

Haley had a hair appointment with a local hairdresser, but her shop was flooded the morning of the appointment. Haley's mother called in reinforcements: Bethany and Tina. Bethany did Haley's makeup and Tina did Haley's hair. I stood around and supervised. haha I was the photographer for the event. Who needs professionals when you got family!!!

The lovely couple....Aaron and Haley

This is our cousin, Haley. She is a making her appearance for the 1st time to her date/boyfriend, Aaron. He was pleasantly surprised to see Haley looking sooo good for their date for their high school prom.

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  1. Haley looks so beautiful! I know she had a GREAT photographer. :)


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