Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our visit to Graceland

The week after Christmas, my moma, Taulbe's granny, and I made a journey to Memphis, TN to visit the home of The King, Elvis Presley. This was my fourth visit to Graceland, and I am sure it will NOT be my last. I have never been while it was decorated for Christmas, so it was a real treat for us to see all the blue christmas lights. It rained the entire time while we were out and about at Graceland, but rain cannot or will not stop an Elvis fan!!!! The year 2010 marked the 75th birthday of Elvis. Glad we were able to be a part of the grand celebration.

The grand home of the King, Elvis Aaron Presley.......

Once you step inside, you are taken back into another time and place. Elvis is speaking and singing while you are on a self-guided tour. Talk about tears and goosebumps!!!! You are walking where he once place his footprints.

Life-sized manager scene.

The mansion is lined with blue christmas lights. This photo was taken across the street and it was raining.

The tree in the living room. Notice the peacock stained glass and the baby-gran piano.

The dining decked out for a Christmas feast.

The staircase leading up to Elvis' bedroom which is NOT part of the tour.

The TCB room.......

The morning of Elvis's death, he and some of his band members were sitting around playing music and singing (something he loved to do especially gospel music). The last three songs they sang together were Unchained Melody, Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain, and one more. (I can't remember the other one!)

The last room of the tour......some of his many achievements, awards, and some jumpsuits.

His final resting place....a place a peace....a place where fans can take a moment to say good-bye.

Me, my moma, and Granny posing near the stables.

Of course, we stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel.

Yes, this is a PINK LIMO. This baby was our ride to a local BBQ restaurant. YUMMY

I LOVE this chair. Posing in the lobby of the Heartbreak Hotel. No broken hearts for us!

Granny posing. Elvis fans come in all ages!

Moma receiving a smooch from the King. Oooh laa laa!!!

Check out the Retro TV that plays only Elvis movies. Can't get better than this!

We had a blast. Got some Peabody photos to share later on! Thank you! Thank you very much! TCB!!!

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  1. Looks like fun Tonya....I have always wanted to check out Graceland..perhaps some day. XO


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