Thursday, February 2, 2012

Uncle Roger turns the BIG 60

Taulbe's Uncle Roger turned the BIG 60 back in early December of 2011. I am playing catch-up! :) It was a surprise party at his oldest daughter's home. He was surrounded by family and a few close friends. Get out the fire hose!!!!

All the guest waiting on their arrival......

They are surprise! Roger and Lucy

Roger and his moma

The Barnett's ( Roger's sister's family)

The Lewter's (Roger's sister's family)

His oldest daughter's family (that is Jewel's boyfriend)

Roger's middle child, Laurie's family

Roger's son's family .....missing the newest edition Sam because he was taking a nap

Fun was had by all......enjoyed a delicious meal and time with family on such a special occasion

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