Sunday, June 10, 2012

Caleb turned 14

 Caleb had some friends over for a spend the night party. That night, we roasted marshmellows and hotdogs.....stayed up WaaaaaY too late......had a good ole' time! The next morning, I fed the "bottomless pits" then off to the train tracks and to the creeks!  In the above pic, Bleu and Caleb swam across the creek to the other side to a little "island". They were sooo proud of their accomplishment! :)
 Just hanging out with the guys! Notice the it!

 We always hafta make a trip to the train tracks....are they vibrating???Oh no! Run & hide!

 Hangin' out at the campfire. Taulbe put up the tent, BUT everyone slept indoors.

 Caleb's new bike! Also, he got to Case knives and a Peyton Manning jersey.
 Growing up too fast! Can't believe he is 14~
 He asked for a strawberry cheesecake....didn't last very long! YUMMY
Our family...

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