Thursday, February 25, 2010

SiLlY bAnDs

SiLlY BaNds are all the RAGE at the boys' school.....all the kiddos are wearing these bracelets that transform into some shape or another. While I was teaching, some of my students shared their sIlLy BaNdS with me....aahh how sweet! I have been wearing these bracelets for about 3 weeks now....the only times I have taken them off are to show other kids the different shapes. I had such a sweet bunch of students during my 8 weeks of teaching. :)
Here I am proudly wearing my SilLy BaNds!

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  1. Oh, I know all about silly bands. I too have a small collection of them, however, mine were given to me as I I've taken up several from students who decided to use them as a sling shot or chew toy! Mean ol' Mrs. Lewter!! :)

    BTW, I loved the post about the jar of nickels. That's part of the joy that comes with teaching. Although I all-too-often complain about it, it's a pretty rewarding job to have and I'm very thankful for mine!


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