Thursday, April 1, 2010

Exploring we will go....

Yesterday, Caleb, Rylee, Pepper, and I decided we would explore the woods that surround our property. We have lived here for almost 10 years, but we have only ventured out into the woods a couple of times.....snakes, spiders, poison oak....oh my!!! Have always kept me at bay! Well, the boys are older, and boys will be boys of course. So, they pretended they were Huck Finn and Davy we went into the world unknown. At least, unknown to us!
Our trusty companion, Pepper, is NEVER far behind.

On our journey, we found several natural springs. This was the first one. Dripping from a fallen log. We found about three other springs while exploring and other great finds of course.

What is this I hear.....a waterfall. But wait, I think I hear the sound of more water falling....could it be a larger waterfall??? A waterfall soooo close to our home.....

More water falling.......I still hear a larger relaxing. I could stay here forever if there were no spiders, snakes, or poison oak/ivy!

Have you noticed the moss growing? Wonder if I could harvest some of it.....let it dry....use it in floral arrangements and such???

Ahhh.....this is where the sound is coming from. Trickle....trickle......

Just imagine this beauty after a rainfall.......can you picture it now. Oh, I sure can! I can hear it and see it. You can beat your wet soggy shoes I'll be there after the rain.....mosquito bites and all.

Of course my imagination got a little carried away when we found this rusty ol' horseshoe. Could it be from long ago when people traveled by horseback? Could it be from ........I'll let your imagination it carried away.

Wonder where this little stream leads......maybe we will follow it someday.

Saw a lot of these curly q tree trunks/branches. Have NO clue what kind of tree it is. They were everywhere!!!!

We found a hideaway from long ago. Well, the boys think it is a cave. Actually, it is where someone has cleaned up the land above and pushed the brush/trees to the of the woods. Does kinda look like a cave.

Well, this is where we left the world of the unknown. Guess we were maybe a block from the house. I was a huffin' and a puffin' out of shape. Once you are at the bottom, you are surrounded by hills. We could not see our house. My MIL told me that I should take something with us in case there was a bad person down there. ......only her would think of that!!! It's like you are somewhere else....The boys had the time of their lives and of course they want to go back!


  1. You are brave! I am so terrified of snakes that I wouldn't go everytime my hubby want to hike in the woods behind us. That water fall is awesome!...Christine

  2. What a trip! I'm sure your boys had a ball. I know I would have worn knee boots and suited up from head to toe! I'm allergic! :) I'll bet they'll be talking about this for a long time. You had better get you some knee boots. I feel another hike coming on!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. Looks like fun! You have a delightful blog! Thanks for commenting on my cloches!

    Be careful on those hikes!!


  4. I love nature walks like that!~ Just to be in touch with nature and critters, I love it!~ Those where wonderful photos!~ Happy Easter....sorry steak all gone:)!~


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