Monday, April 12, 2010

Goats and more goats

My friend Charlotte and her family have some new spring baby goats. They are the CUTEST things! We finally got to see them last Friday. I took my boys, Noah and Sarabeth to see the little darlings! The kiddos chased the baby goats EVERYWHERE. The baby goats were screaming.....sounds just like a baby crying/screaming!!! After about 20 minutes of NONSTOP chasing, the goats were pooped. So, the kiddos could catch them easier! We left smelling like goats, but WHO CARES!!! They were soooo CUTE and PRECIOUS!!!!!

Look at these precious little cute!

Of course, I had to strike a pose with one. I NOT going to leave with petting or holding a baby goat!

It was so funny to watch them nurse. They are kinda rough when they are trying to latch on. Poor Moma goat......

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