Thursday, August 25, 2011

Down by the Creek.....

One Monday afternoon, we stopped by a creek that I have not been at since I was a teenager! It has changed alittle bit because the waterfall use to flow all the way across the creek. It has always been a beautiful site to see. Many, many years ago, there was an old Mill beside the creek. The rock wall is still standing along the creek bed. (Wish the rock wall was at my house....don't you just LOVE rock walls????) Actually, I made two trips to this creek in one day. First trip, the boys were with me. They waded in the calmer end of the creek. First two photos are from the day trip.

My sister-in-law Rachael and I wanted to practice using our cameras. So off we went.....made a few stops here and there snappin' away! I suggested coming to the creek. The sun was beginning to set.....which meant jaw-dropping photos! We were having so much fun snappin' away! Love the reflection of the sunset on the water!

Introducing future photographer.....Tonya

Introducing future photograper.......Rachael

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