Monday, September 7, 2009

Frank is OvEr the HiLL......BIG 60!!!!!

We surprised Frank (my father-in-law) with a family birthday/grill out party for his 60th birthday on August 31, 2009. Almost all of his side of the family attended the gathering in his honor. I grilled out whole chickens (well, I tried to grill them....had a slight problem with the chicken and the charcoal). We had all the fixins': baked beans, slaw, potato salad, boiled okra, dressed eggs, salad, rolls, corn, and spinach dip. Had to make some minor adjustments for the meat......thanks goodness for Aunt Debbie's pork roast and Whitt's BBQ......

The kiddos helping Granddaddy/Uncle Frank blow out the candles. Had a few trick candles on there too......60 candles in all....almost needed the Fire Dept! From left to right: Noah, Waylon, Rylee, Sarabeth, Frank, Caleb, Isabella and Hope.

Frank and his boys: Seth, Ezra, Frank, Taulbe, and Adam
Rare occasion to get all of them in a picture together!

Frank with his sisters, Cellie and Debbie!

Franks REALLY enjoyed his surprise party. He knew that I was cooking supper for him, but he did not know that his extended family was attending. His boys and their families went in together and got him an iPod touch. We wish you many more birthdays and thank you for always making us smile!


  1. Looks like y'all had a great birthday party! I just love Frank. I never knew his sister's name was Cellie...I thought it was Sally and you just said it funny! haha I guess you were pronouncing it right all along.

  2. What a delightful surprise for your FIL. I'm sure he'll be smiling for days to have such a thoughtful gathering. Looks like a fun family gathering.


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