Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seth and Rachael say "I Do"

Can't hardly wait till they can hear the words....."You may kiss your bride!"
The Flower girl, Sarabeth, Seth, and the Ring bearer, Rylee....aaaawwwhhhh!!!!

The Bridal Party:Ben, Frank (the best man/Daddy), Amy (sister of bride), Ezra (brother of groom), Candice, Rachael, Seth (my brother-in-law), Adam (brother of groom), Erin, Taulbe (my husband/brother of groom, Melissa, and Ben.

Trying to get a kiss from Sarabeth.....occasionally you might see an extra arm in some of the photos....well, that is the photographer's arm. I was taking pics at the same time. :)

Caleb...striking a pose and a smile!

The bridal party acting wild and CrAzY!!!

My family with the happy couple!

Trent, Sarabeth, Rylee with the anxious couple!

The Barnett Men......need I say more!??

On their way to take pics in the field of yellow flowers and a red chair! I stayed on the road! :)

Abby, Adam's girlfriend, and me!

Look at my baby doing such a great job as a ring bearer.....look at Mr. Hubby too! :)

The Sand Ceremony....they did this instead of lighting a unity candle. I have never seen this before. I really liked it because you can keep the sand in a container. Very nice keepsake of your wedding day!!!!

Pronouncing Mr. and Mrs. Seth Ashley Barnett

Haley and Aaron caught the bouquet and the about that....they are boyfriend and girlfriend, but they are still in high school. Haley is the groom's 1st cousin.

The Happy Couple have left the building.....notice the sparklers????

Your carriage awaits......

The perfect ending to a perfect night....Best wishes to you both!!!! We wish you lots of joy, love, and happiness! Thank you for letting me be a part of this special occasion!

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  1. This looks like a wonderful wedding celebration and don't you look as lovely as the bride herself!


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