Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Rehearsal Supper for Seth and Rachael

Seth with all the kiddos (his niece and nephews):Rylee, Noah, Caleb, and Sarabeth.
Rylee and Sarabeth showing off their snaggle-tooth smiles.....

Me and Mr. Hubby, Taulbe!

The Wedding Couple with the Groom's parents: Frank, Rachael, Seth, and Pam.

Rachael, Seth, Granny (the Groom's Granny), and Pam
The Rehearsal Supper was at a local steakhouse. Pam and I went early that morning to decorate the tables. We used brown tablecloths, glass hurricane globes with a brown taper candle, and a fall candle ring. Pam wiped everything down in that room....she had everything smelling like Lysol when we left! haha We could chose between 6oz or 10oz Ribeye steaks, marinated grilled chicken breast, or fried catfish. We could chose between one of the 5/6 sides....most people chose the famous rice...yummy!!! and a salad. Also, we got a brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Everyone left stuffed!!!!

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