Monday, October 12, 2009

Oh Deer!!!

Our backyard would be a hunter's dream.....lucky for the wildlife we live within the city limits....I guess that means no hunting? Well, we don't kill them anyway! Friday I looked out our kitchen window and this is what I saw. There were five in all. You can not see the fifth deer. I do not care how many times we see these creatures in our yard, we act as if it was the first time. Sometimes, the deer will get within 20 ft. from our detached garage which is close to our home to eat from our apple tree.
We have turkeys, opossums(sometimes they come onto the back porch to eat cat food), squirrels, rabbits, and a fox. A couple of months ago, a fox was about 10 ft. from our back porch. Rylee said, "Moma, there is a funny looking pet in the backyard." I looked out and it was a fox...just standing there looking back at me. It stood there for a few minutes....just looking back at each other.

Well, that's all folks!


  1. I know they're quite destructive -- but so pretty!

  2. Thanks soooo much for sharing these pics...not all of us are that lucky to have deer in our backyards.



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