Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fundraiser Extravaganza

My moma-Joan, Me, Charlotte, and her moma-Patricia went to a gift/Christmas idea fundraiser extravaganza for a local high school. There were all sorts of beautiful gift ideas, Christmas decor, Christmas ornaments, food, clothing....you name it. Our mom's worked together during the sixties and were friends. Patricia and her family moved about an hour away at some point. Moved back when Charlotte and I were in the 4th grade, and we have been best friends ever since. We have gotten even closer over the past year or so if that was even possible. Our kiddos play together, and we try to do things together whenever she is off of work ....she is a librarian at a local elementary school. I could not ask for a more dependable friend than Charlotte....she is ALWAYS there for me no matter what!!!! Well, enough mushy stuff....on with the pictures I took of the goodies!

Just small mercury glass ornaments on a metal ring of some sort...price tag $59.00. I know I can make this for lots cheaper from Hobby Lobby's half price sale...watcha think????

Mongrammed things were EVERYWHERE.......stockings, mugs, mousepads, notepads, jewelry, ornaments....you name it....it was there monogrammed!!!

Super neato idea to display Christmas ornament.....hang them from chicken wire and curling ribbon....how clever is that?????? Looked like a Christmas Tree of some sort.

Pretty wreath with a pretty price tag....are you sitting down? $159.00 gasp? Once again, can make this for a lot cheaper with the help of a glue gun and Hobby Lobby!!!
Hope you enjoyed the little tour......lots of neat things to see and spend you money on. Got lots of ideas of things to make.

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