Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween Fun

Halloween was GrOOovY this year, but very BUSY. Started off with a Party for the BIG kids. First time Taulbe and I have ever been to Halloween party and dressed up. It was fun and interesting to see all the different costumes. As you has guessed, we were hippies. Peace! Halloween week at my kiddos's school was super busy...planning the Fall Festival which included the Fifth Grade sponsoring a Haunted House (my older son is in the 5th grade, so guess what...Moma had to help with that project of course), two Halloween parties, a field trip, and of course Trick or Treating!!!
Boo...we are to welcome you to our house. The boys' Jack-O-Lanterns...custom made by Moma of course. :)

Enter if you dare into the Fifth Grade Hall of Horror.......This was the section that I decorated ALL BY MYSELF......with no help from any other parent from our classroom. Talk about being over-stressed....that I was!!! Had no clue what to do. Borrowed the skeleton from the High School...about a 4,000.00 skeleton ...that was enough to make anyone nervous! Had someone hiding off to the side to scare the kiddos when they came thru. Had a black light shining on the rocks and it made it GLOW.....now thru the rest of the Haunted House...all made by Fifth Grade Parents and some high school kids.

This was a Witch Cauldron ....had a witch stirring the pot with someone in it of course.

The deadly graveyard...once you enter...no escape!!!!!

You may LooSe your HeaD once you enter in......

You never know what might jump out from JaCk'S Box????? Not bad from a bunch of parents?
BIG success...kids left SCREAMING......

Little blurry, but Caleb's party: Pizza, chips & dip, cupcakes, and a drink. They watched the movie Monster House.

Rylee digging into brains and eyeballs to get a prize. His class also had a Mummy Wrap, craft project, Broom Dance. Goodies to eat were: Pizza, cheese puffs, fruit, mashmellow sticks, pumpkin cake, and punch.

Trick or Trick smell my feet give me something good to eat or....I, Harry Potter, will cast a spell on you and take your stash of treats.......

Trick or Treat smell my feet give me something good to eat or....I, Jeff Hardy, will wrestle you to the ground and take your stash of treats......

The cousins visiting Grandma's house: Noah, Rylee, Sarabeth, and Caleb

Visiting Gran's house....

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