Monday, June 14, 2010

Well, I have been alittle busy lately......

Well, I have been alittle busy the past couple of months. Some things have been good....some not so good. My last living grandparent passed away on April 19th, my Memaw Skeets. The arrangement below is made from flowers that I transplanted from her house to mine. This arrangement was at her visitation and funeral.
The rafting picture is totally out of order....sorry! Last Sunday I went white water rafting with one of my friends and her co-workers. This is not a actual picture of us, BUT this did happen.

Try not to be jealous!!! I did go see Tim McGraw and Lady Antebellum in concert.

Been digging, watering, fertilizing,and repeat the steps again.......

Been capturing critters in the house......a lizard

Brought critters into the house......stayed about a hour.....returned him into the wild!

Attended Rylee's 1st grade program at school.......

Celebrated Caleb's 12th birthday.....he wanted a Strawberry cake.

Celebrated Rylee's 8th birthday.....their birthdays are 8 days apart. May is an expensive month for the Barnetts.

My baby graduated from 5th grade.......which means he will be going to the Middle School next hoo (They could not wait to untuck their shirts!)
Well, I guess that wraps up the past couple of months in a nut shell. I will probably go into more detail on some of the above topics because I have some pictures to share. Oh yeah, I had my gallbladder removed the day after my grandmother was buried, and I took over a medical leave at my kiddos school for 2 wks. Of course, I am trying to find a full-time teaching position again this year. Cross your fingers!!!!

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