Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Critters in the house!!!

I rescued this little fellow from being road-kill. He was crossing the road that we live on, and I always try to help turtles cross the road. During this time, I was teaching 4th grade for a teacher on a medical leave. I brought the turtle to school for show & tell because he WAS NOT bashful at all. He got to visit a lot of classroom that day. The kiddos really enjoyed meeting "Friskie".
One Saturday afternoon, my boys stayed with their grandmoma for a while. While they were playing outside, you know boys will be boys, they captured some baby bunnies. Well, their granddaddy has a garden and a huge corn crop so he was going to KILL these little cuties. NOT ON MY WATCH!!! I brought them home with us. I researched them on the Internet and decided that we need to take them back to their nest. Well, we snuck them back to grandmoma's house. They think they are at our house in our woods somewhere.

My friend, Charlotte, hatches baby chicks every year at her school where she is the librarian. She brought these little cuties to visit us on their way home. They were sooo soft! She donated them to a local feed and seed store where they were to be sold.

One Friday afternoon, Rylee comes screaming into the living room....."There is a lizard in the kitchen!!!!" I totally freak out of course! Do not like UNWANTED or UNINVITED critters in MY HOUSE!!!!! I put folded masking tape all around the frig. It caught it once, but I freaked out again! This caused the lizard to escape and go back under the frig. Off to the Dollar Store we go to purchase some glue boards. I placed glue boards ALL AROUND THE FRIG!!!!. Two days had passed....still no lizard! Sunday afternoon, I go into the dining room. Guess who in in the dining room.....Yeap you guess it! Mr. Creepy Crawly Slimy Lizard!!!! He has good taste because he goes into hiding under my grandfather clock. Well, we move the glue boards to around the clock. Wait him. Mr. Hubby tried to release him, but he kept resticking himself to the glue board and pulling his skin off. So, RIP Mr. Creepy Crawly Slimy Lizard. Tell your friends to STAY OUTSIDE PLEASE!!!!

This is what the lizard looked like.....not the same one of course. Notice this one's fat little belly.....babies inside? We have lizards everywhere around our home. Just as long as they stay outside! :)

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  1. Wow!! You sure have had your share of critters. The bunnies and chicks are adorable but the rest I can live without! What a great idea using glue boards to trap the lizard!



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