Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Raftin' We WILL Go.....

The "Dare Devil Adventurous" side of me went white water rafting about a month ago. TOTALLY LOVED IT and would most definitely do it again!!!! I went with Abby (brother-in-law's girlfriend) and some of her co-workers. She works at a dentist office. We were all smiles while battling the white capped rapids! ( I am the second one on the left side when looking at the picture....actually the right side of the boat when sitting in it )
Yes, we had some brushes with death....well, kinda! Felt like it anyways....the rush was amazing, but the water was a freezing 60 degrees. We were screamin' and laughin' for 10 miles.

I was game for anything the river could dish-out......washing machine where you make 360 degrees turn arounds or the side of river where it was a little bit more rapid. I know my fellow raft mates wished that I would SHUT UP!!!!

Yes, we did get to swim in the freezing cold water....not by choice! I had the privilege of swimming with rocks at one moment. Another raft ran into ours which caused us to "taco". In other words, the raft folded up, and I was thrown out. The water was very shallow, BUT the current was super-duper fast and strong. People were telling me to stand up....well, easier said than done. I was trying to stop by using my hands, but I jammed my index finger on my right hand and bent back several fingernails in the process. Finally, I was carried to another raft. They TRIED to get me into their raft, BUT it started moving. During this, they had aholt of my life jacket and was scrapping my back across the rocks. Lucky me! Yes lucky me!! I could have been really hurt, but I was not. Scrapped my knee, elbow, and shoulder.......rescued finally. Joined my fellow raft mates and finished the journey. We had an AWESOME guide.....she totally rocked and was great to be around. They fed us a yummy lunch too. I was NOT ready for this adventure to end. Great time was had by all.....


  1. WOW you are brave...I would not do it...I am a chicken when it comes to this stuff now.

  2. Wow! I wouldn't have been so brave! I am so glad you had fun AND I am so glad you LIVED to tell us about it!

  3. LOL! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  4. Wow...so neat and fun looking. Great shots


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