Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Girl's Night

That time again.....watch out world here we come! GiRlS GoNe WiLD NiTe!!! Started the evening at a local steakhouse....lick your lips good! Quick Wal-Mart run then off to the movie. Couldn't decide on a movie because EVERY movie that someone mentioned, someone had already seen it. So off to the dollar movies to see PROM. Interesting night might I say inside the theater. Rowdy teenagers TRIED to ruin our night but oh no they didn't! They did not know who they were dealing with....Tonya, Charlotte, Debbie, and April that is! Finally, they left....we gave them a round of applause as they walked out! Made a 11:00 run to Krispy Kreme another yum yum! Thanks girls for another night of fun and laughter!

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