Thursday, September 15, 2011

Decorating with Transferware

Decorating with Transferware is an obession and a hobby. The trill of the hunt for the perfect piece or trying to complete a tablesetting. Whatever the case my be.....collecting dishes has been a long time obession for me! I am going to share some wall vignettes that are displayed throughout our home. Red, blue, brown, polychrome.....who cares I love it ALL! The dishes were discovered at local antique stores, flea markets, eBay, TJMaxx and Marshalls.

A portion of red transferware is displayed in the kitchen.
Brown polychrome hanging in the kitchenette. Purchased an entire set of these about 8 place setting (missing a few pieces here and there), platter, salt & pepper shakers, oil & vinegar bottles, butter dish, cream & sugar bowls, and a ginger jar at a local antique store for 65.00! Thats right......the trill of a great bargain!

Notice the bunny shelf....too cute!

All of the above photos are from the master bathroom

This is one of my fav wall vignettes. Once again, great finds from Hobby Lobby, flea markets, TJMaxx and Marshalls.

My fav wall vignette in the dining room. I purchased this piece of furniture just for the Pink Tower Tureen. I knew exactly what I wanted to create when purchased the chest and tureen. Notice the wall has my china in it! This was a wedding gift from hubby's grandparents. The lamp was my MeMaw's. I ALWAYS wanted this lamp. It is one of my prized possessions.

Some eBay finds

Some more Spode plates in the dining room. The bottom two are cake plates.

The wall vignette above the couch in the family room. Most of these plates were eBay purchases except for the four smaller ones. They came from a local gift shop.

More eBay finds.....the wall hanging was purchased at a local antique store.

Gathered around the fireplace.....these were purchased at various places. The mantel clock was my great uncles.

Ordered this set of blue Spode from a catalog......many years ago!

Grouping of brown polychrome above our bedroom closet.

These are finds from flea markets and antique stores. I believe I purchased the wall hanging for around 15 bucks. I knew I was NOT leaving it behind!

Do you have a transferware obession? What do you do with them? Of course, I have them in china cabinets too, but that is another posting!


  1. Hi Tonya, This is so funny but I was thinking about you yesterday! And then I pop in and you've got my favorite things posted! Your displays are beautiful. I knew you liked transferware too, and that you had some, but I didn't know how much! Girl, we are of the same little pea pod!
    And that wallpaper is the exact paper I put in the house I just moved from. Oh I miss it so much! I spent weeks searching for a paper that I could use with reds and browns. In fact, I reposted a table from last year tonight and used Spode Byron and it looks great in that room. Anyway, I love your post and will come back by again to look it over even more.

    I'm on my way to soccer practice (not me, but taking my son!lol) and he's rushing me.

    Just had to comment!

    LOVE it!


  2. Hi Tonya, you sure have a great collection going! I love decorating with plates of any kind really. they add so much color and pizzazz. You did a great job.


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