Thursday, September 15, 2011

The tiniest in FLIGHT

When Springtime approaches, it is time to clean up the hummingbird feeder and mix up some sugar water for the little fellas. I have tried taking pictures of the "hummers" before, BUT now that I have a new camera...let the snappin' begin! We have three hummers that stop by for a drink all season long. Yesterday, I was on the porch petting Callie the cat and a hummer flew right by my head.....I literally had to duck! I love watching them zoom right on by.....Sadly, in a few days/weeks they will migrate South for the winter. We will be waiting on them next Spring!

A few hummingbird facts:

Among the smallest of all birds....3-5 ins. long

Only bird that can fly backwards

Can hover in mid-air

Has the highest metabolism of all animals

Heart rate as high as 1,260 beats a minute

Recipe for hummingbird food: 1 part sugar to 4 parts water.....boil and then cool

I have read that it is not necessary to add food coloring to water.

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