Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Feathered Friends Party

Well, I will begin this post with the famous blogland Target birdies....Target should thank all of us for raising their sales this past spring/summer. Your are welcome, Target! If you notice, the Blue Willow Teapot has some birdies on it too. This was from my very first Tablescape Thursday back in June of this year. I loved my TT soooo much that my dining room table it is STILL decorated with this same theme. I have been using different tables and trays for my TT.
Another Blue Willow piece...this was purchased many years ago at TJMaxx. I have a hutch in the back foyer where I display my blue and white pieces.

I purchased the lovely teapot this past July at my very first visit to a Homegoods Store. Don't you just love it....I know your heads are going Up aNd DoWn. It was only $6.99. Love it!!! It has some fellow bird buddies sitting below. Sometimes, I have to put in earplugs because they get a little loud with their chirping, but I love it. :)

Closer view of the bird buddies....the bronze one was purchased at Hobby Lobby half price of course and the blue bird at a local Christian Book Store.

Aaawwww.....Rylee when he was about 2 years old feeding the seagulls at Panama City Beach. Don't ya just love how he is standing with his hands behind his back???!!!! This is hanging in the hall upstairs.

This was purchased several years ago at Castor Knotts Department Store. A birthday gift from my Granddaddy Smith. The little boy is feeding pigeons....reminds me of Rylee in FL.

Close-up of the the birdies in my kitchen table arrangement that I made this past summer. Bought the birdies at the Dollar Store for a buck each.

Full view of the arrangement in my dough bowl. I change it out with the different seasons.

Pewter bird dish with dried flowers and a rose candle that sits on the end table in the living room.

This in not a good picture at all.....I did not use a flash because it was too bright. This is a light pewter/silver bird cage with two doves. It is a music box. My husband's granny and papa gave this to me one Christmas. It is very pretty...sorry that you cannot see it beauty.

Well, we are an Auburn Fan Family.....just had to include this in my posting. :)

This is the toile wallpaper in the back foyer. I LOVE TOILE!!! Don't you??? Notice the birdies?
I did not realize how many birdies I had until I started the bird hunt throughout the house. Be sure to check out all the other posting on Shabby Chic Cottage. Thank you for flying in and checking out my nest.


  1. Awe, your son's photo is one of my favorite items I've seen tonight. He was smart to keep his fingers safe!

  2. Thanks for sharing all your treasures - love all the birds. I am a fan of that pretty teapot. Somehow I missed out on the famed Target birds, but I sure have loved reading about them!

  3. Hi Tonya, such a lovely collection. My fav orite is the photo of Rylee with the gulls and the pretty painting. Your table arrangment is darling, love the colors! Your teapots are great and I too have the target dynamic duo S&P birdies and love love LOVE toile!

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous collection!


  4. There's a lot of us who have more birdies than we realized. ;o)

    LOVE the toile wallpaper but that picture of your Rylee is a treasure!

  5. You had some great birdy items to share. Birds are just so innocent and it seems that we all enjoy them.

    Now I have a nosy question. I can just barely see some gorgeous fabric on drapes in the first picture. Would you share that with us?

  6. Hi Tonay, lovely pictures....every one of them! Love that white teapot.

    Barb :-)

  7. Hello Tonya - what a beautiful collection you have! I love that teapot and the photo of your son at the beach is just precious! Thank you for sharing.


  8. You do have a pretty collection. Really like the arrangement in the dough bowl. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Tanya...

    Ohhh yes...I love toile too! That is a beautiful pattern...bet it looks fabulous in your foyer! My friend, I just love that teapot...I have been eyeing it for some time...guess I'm going to have to get me one...but we don't have a Home Goods in my neck of the woods...boohoo! Can't believe you got it for just $6.99! So happy for you! I just loved all of your beautiful little feathered friends!!! Beautiful centerpiece that you created for your kitchen table!

    My friend, your little Ryley is simply adorable! What a great photo and yes, I just love the way he's standing with his hands clasped behind his back! He certainly was contemplating those seagulls...too cute!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful home with us...I really enjoyed your post!

    Warmest wishes,
    PS...ooops, really wanted to say something about all your beautiful blue & white dishes...so very pretty!!!


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