Saturday, August 15, 2009

The King.....Elvis

Tomorrow marks the 32nd anniversary of The King of Rock-n-Roll death!!!! On August 16,1977,fans from across the world mourn the death of a musical icon, every girl's dream idol, and a very generous man. Elvis Aaron Presley will always be a part of our musical history whether it is from the past, present, or future. May he rest in peace.....

I am going to try to post some photos from my previous trips to Graceland....the home of the Elvis. I am a huge Elvis fan....I am the third generation.....maybe just maybe my boys will grow to love or at least like his music one day...wishful thinking!!!!

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  1. Kasey is a HUGE fan of Elvis, too. When Chase graduated from pre-school, he and Chase dressed up like Elvis and sang "That's Alright Mama". They did a great job. We will have to have you guys over and show you that DVD. It is so funny!


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