Sunday, March 25, 2012

~Rosey Belle Barnett~

Drum roll~ Please~ introducing the newest member of our family.....Rosey Belle Barnett became a part of our family about 2 weeks before Christmas. She was my Christmas present from hubby. NEVER in my WiLdesT dreams did I EVER think I would have an inside puppy!!! Taulbe has always been DeaD set against it!!! She was 12 wks old when she arrived with a red ribbon around her neck!
This is one of the more recent photos......she makes the cutest faces! Are you talking about me????
This is her as a baby....not long after we got her! She has grown sooo much!

Say Cheese......
The kids and I love her to pieces! She has added so much to our lives! There is NEVER a dull moment while Rosey Belle is around!

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  1. TOO cute.....congrats on the new addition.


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