Friday, March 30, 2012

TN Lottery

Unless you are under a rock, you have heard that the TN Lottery is 640 Million $$$$. Yes, you read it correctly! My quiet little town has been overtaken by lottery-buying out-town folks! The past 2 days has been insane around here if you want to run to the store.....get gas......or etc. There are 5 main lottery stores here. All of 5 of them have been covered over the past two days.....parking lots packed.....people parking in nearby parking lots.....people parking on the side of the main road......people standing in line all the way outside the stores......all of this for their chance of the millions!
One of the stores is a mile from our house. I could walk to the store. I can honestly say that I have NEVER purchased a lottery ticket. I sure I am one of the few....definitely in the minority! Oh well, I stand by my beliefs on this issue. Heard on the radio that someone spent $3000.00 on tickets!!! Hope that was NOT a house payment....part of a child's college tuition.....vacation money! I know that whoever wins the $$ will be tickled pink or should I say green (covered in $$$ green). Hope he/she spends and saves the money wisely! There are mixed opinions on the lottery. I know that my children benefit from it when and if they attend a TN college. I'll like it then! It has just blown my mind these past two days with all the traffic in my quiet little town. Hope they have stopped by some of our other businesses like restaurants or gift shops. See what else we have to offer! :)

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