Thursday, March 15, 2012

FFA Week

No! Your eyes are NOT deceiving you.....those are tractors at the high school. It was FFA week at school, and students could drive their tractor to school on Friday. Got to remember....we are southern folks.....hold doors open for total fried with s-l-o-w-e-d down speed.....blast country music from our vehicles whatever they are.....wear cowboy boots with EVERYTHING.....ride 4-wheelers.....girls don't mind getting alittle dirty.....say yes mam & no mam......LOVE sweet tea.....and if you live around here-drink Sun-Drop.....and wave at perfect strangers!!!!

Caleb is a member of FFA this year and he is really enjoying Ag as one of his classes. They had different things to do each day of the week. Monday-FFA officers dress-up day, Tuesday-Overalls, Wednesday-Cowboys dress-up day, Thursday-Camo day, Friday-Drive your Tractor to school and Carhart day.

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