Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Spring Stroll

These are some of MeMaw Skeets' flowers. She called them "whites". Sometimes, I think she made up names for her flowers. The bunny is watching over them...peacefully.
This ivy survived all winter long on the back porch steps.

These are some of my lilies getting ready to make their debut in a few weeks. Cannot wait! Lilies are one of my most favorite flower.

This is Thrift that I got from my MeMaw Skeets' garden about 8 years ago. She had this flower up and down her side of the road. She lived in Tarpley Shop on Hwy. 31. Everybody knew who she was because of this flower. She even made the front page of their local newspaper one Spring.

This is a Camellia Shrub, and they are on either side of the front porch steps. They are absolutely beautiful while in bloom, but the only downside is the attract wasps!!

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