Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rylee's Birthday Celebrations

Rylee, Sarabeth, Caleb,and Noah.....the Four Musketeers! Before I even mentioned opening presents, they were sitting here waiting patiently.
Say, Sun-Drop Cake....Rylee's fav. Sarabeth, Noah, Haley, Rylee, and Caleb

Strike a pose.....Hurry up!!!! We want cake and ice cream!

The Family in our traditional spot on birthdays.

My camera was possessed last night during supper for some odd reason. All of my pictures were reddish and blurry. I grilled whole chickens and cooked baked beans, potato salad, salad, and pasta salad. Moma and Kathryn brought the same broccoli salad. Rylee loved all of his presents. Caleb got a couple of gifts too from Aunt Di and Kathryn. Fun was had by all!

These were the only kids from Rylee's Kindergarten class at school yesterday. There are usually 15 kiddos in his class. Rylee was so excited about me bringing homemade cupcakes, Pringles, Fruit-Rolls, and Capri-Suns to his class. Needless to say, I had a lot of left-overs. My boys are offically home for the summer....they are skipping two days of school. I know, I am such a cool mom! haha

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