Monday, May 4, 2009

Planting my garden

Oreo would swat his tail in my face over and over. I love my pets being around me while I am outside. It helps to pass the time by. Oreo is 12 years old. Bless his can tell he is getting feeble. Pepper is a very loving and jealous dog. You could not find a dog that loves his family more than he does!!! He is blind in his left eye. The people who gave him to us had horses, and a horse kicked him in his eye....poor baby! :(
Callie LOVED the garden!!! She would walk a few feet...stop....then roll and scoot!!! She did this over and over.

We had a local elderly man to plow and get my garden ready for us this year. Usually, Adam, my brother-in-law, brings his HUGE tractor and disk and works it up for us. I worked all day Tuesday in the garden raking the weeds out, throwing out fertilizer, and tilling. My arms were so sore because I am so out of shape it is ridiculous. Well, Thursday(April 30th) the signs were right for planting and setting out the seeds according to the calendar and Granny. Once again, I worked all day in the garden. I got the entire garden planted and raked more weeds out. This time, my entire body was sore!!! I had lots of help while planting the pets. Pepper, our dog, follows me everywhere I go. He is my second shadow. Before long both cats were in the garden. Every once in awhile, a cat tail would swat me in the face and then a dog would be breathing in my face because he is so jealous of the cats. Anyways, here are a few photos of the pets assisting me in the garden....helping me past time by more quickly.

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