Monday, January 25, 2010

Metamorphosis Monday

This is my first time joining Susan for Metamorphosis Monday. I usually check out the changes that everyone else makes, but I thought I would share one of my decorating changes this time around. This is my buffet table in the living room. This is what is looked like before Christmas.....

During Christmas, Nutcrackers standing tall without cracking a smile or nut!

Alittle rearranging....alittle grabbing things from here and there....pulling things from my closet stash of goodies waiting on their turn to be displayed

Purchased the picture about 17 years ago at a local antique store. The plate were purchased from eBay about 5 years ago.

Candelabra was in the secret closet stash (purchased about 2 yrs ago for 4 bucks at Hobby Lobby). That is me in the pic while I was still in the hospital....I have very few pics of me with my daddy. He died when I was only 4 mos old. I cherish every pic of him. :)

Mr. Loppy Ear Bunny was from W-Mart last spring. That is a "goldie oldie" of Mr. Hubby and me on our 1 st Christmas together in '96. The plate is new (half price from HL). The silhouette pic is from the secret stash from about 5 years ago. It has been waiting for just the right moment.

Picture looks great with the plate...don't you agree???

Fluer de Lis was a steal this summer at HL. I think it was about 3 bucks!!! It has been in the secret closet stash waiting for its debut. The hurricane candleholder was from Wal-Mart this summer for 10 bucks. Gotta love 1/2 price and clearance sales!!! Love how all the black pieces just flows together and the bunnies just hop right along. I never know what treasures I may find in my secret stash.

Thanks for stopping sure to check out all the other great changes made by everyone else.


  1. Tonya~~~

    Your buffet table is a perfect place for you to set up your stash!! I do the same thing. Sometimes I have to wait until I know exactly where to put something. But I know when I see it in a shop, that it is 'mine'! lol!!

    I love the antique painting and the loppy eared bunny grabbed my heart. Your table is full of interest and elegance!! Beautiful!!


  2. I loved all of your nutcrackers at Christmas, but this is just stunning. You have such a wonderful variety of things displayed and they are all just perfect together. Very interesting and pretty. Your picture is fabulous. I love pictures like that and have never found one that I could afford. What a great treasure. Hugs, Marty

  3. I adore the picture on the wall, it is wonderful...Love the buffet and your treasures on it, the plate is so unusual, I really love the black and white...thanks for sharing....Phyllis

  4. I remember you showing me that silhouette picture right after you bought it. You didn't know what you were going to do with it...I'm glad you finally found it a home. It looks great with the little plate. I looked at those at Hobby Lobby too, but I didn't get one. Everything looks great!

  5. You won an award from me. Check it out on my blog.

  6. Ooh, I love that candelabra, and your Roman shades are so stylish! It's so special to be able to hold onto those precious memories of you and your dad in photos. Have a wonderful day!!


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