Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lake Winnie

We arrive at Lake Winnie at 11:00am.....ready to have FuN....fUn!!!!!
The very first ride (the very very first ride EVER for my boys!!!!! except for the kiddie carnival and county fairs) the swinging Pirate Ship. Did I torture my boys or make them face their fears.....little bit of both. Rylee was SCarEd too death!! Shaking and saying "Moma why did you make me do this!!!!!" He liked it after it was all over with and wanted to ride it again.....so, they faced their fears! :)

Bethany (aka BB), Sarabeth, and Noah riding the Orbiter. My boys would NOT ride it...shucks!

Riding a water ride......still no smiles from Caleb! :)
Sarabeth riding her horse on the carousel.

The gang at Lake Winnie....having fun....you bet!

Caleb strikin' a pose........

Noah hangin' out.....

The view from the Ferris Wheel......I forgot how much I dislike the Ferris Wheel!!!! I do not know if I was feeding off of Rylee's fears of it or what, but it was scary!!! I HATE it when they stop you on top to unload and reload people.....HATE IT!!!! Rylee had to be touching me at all times. Guess I needed it too. :)

The boys riding the Sky Lift across the lake.

Riding the paddle boats....guess who was doing all the work....you guessed it...ME!

Sarabeth riding an elephant.

Rylee strikin' a pose.....


BB and Sarabeth riding the Sky Lift for the third time. The boys and I were waiting in line to ride a water ride, and they passed by us.

The boys and I were riding the Tilit A World for the first time....notice their faces! I cannot ride stuff like this like I used too...kinda got alittle sick feeling, but I rode it two more times. :) The boys rode it about six times in all.

Sarabeth and Rylee racing to the end!

Wheeeee.....go Caleb go!

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