Thursday, July 30, 2009

This is what happens when you bring home a new dog.....

The new viscous dog.....Tootsie. We brought him home for 5 days to "try" him out with the other pets before we made a final decision on buying him. Pepper, our very jealous Australian Shepard, finally was alittle ok with the situation, and Oreo, our 12 year old kitty, adjusted to the new doggy. Tootsie finally got to sniff his butt and say hello on the 3rd day. :)
But......Callie on the other hand NEVER adjusted to Tootsie!!!! She stay away all day long until night time. Friday, Tootsie treed her for about an hour. Bless her heart!!!! She was meowing and really wanting to come down, but Tootsie was waiting patiently on her arrival.

Well, we took Tootsie back to his original owners on Sunday. We were all attached to him. He was sooo sweet and funny to watch. :)

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