Friday, July 17, 2009

My Favorite Vignettes

I thought I would share some of my favorite vignettes. It was hard to pick and chose....but here they are! Kathryn from Bonafide Southern requested our favorites since she had posted hers. This is the mantle in the living room. The mantle clock belonged to my great uncle. Of course, I am going to decorate it with some favorite family photos.....recent and from the past....and of course a couple of wedding photos. The mantle is surrounded by some of my blue transferware dishes. There are two things that I LOVE to decorate with: plates and family photos....well, let me add bunnies, candlesticks, anything toille, and etc.
The is my buffet table behind our love seat in the living room. Notice.....decorated with my favorite things: family photos, plates, candlesticks, and bunnies. There are five (six if you count the one on the toille picture) bunnies on this table, can you find them? A lot of these items came from my FAVORITE store....Hobby Lobby. Candlesticks (on either end) were purchased at 80% off when I got them. The larger picture above the table was purchased at a local antique store before I was married. Once transferware.

This is one of my china is in our kitchenette area. I have diplayed my red transferware (Memory Lane pattern) and my pewter collection along with some other odd and end things in this cabinet. Atop of the cabinet is some more of my red transferware. I change out the top of this often......a girl needs to spice things up everyonce in a while. :) Displayed proudly, one of my favorite pictures of my boys: Caleb was 5 years old and Rylee was 1 year old. Their names were written on the bottom of the picture by an artist and there are some slight watercolor highlights. My dear Mr. Hubby got the frame for me while he was at work one day for about 30 bucks. Aaaahhhhh.....don't just love the picture? My sweet babies!

Just a closer view of the top of cabinet.....notice the white tile thingy? That was my mother's day gift from Rylee.....he made it in his class at school. Painted it with his fingerprints. Aaaaahhhh!

This is a grouping in Rylee's room. I love this grouping......I had the shelves made by a local cabinet maker (copied some from Pottery Barn). Rylee's room has a nautical theme which he wants to change to all Superheroes!!! If you notice, there are a few Spiderman things on the left shelf. :) The pictures were a gift from his great Aunt Debbie......The American Boy one is a magizine is old but not sure of the year.

This bookcase is in Caleb's room. He is all about sports....mostly football....Auburn, Titans, Colts, Steelers, The Manning brothers, and Brett Favre. His room at one time was all about John Deere....well, we are gradually getting that stuff out of his room but he has SO MUCH!!!!

This is in our upstairs bathroom. I love this wallpaper....antique and victorian looking. Don't ya think? All the accessories came guessed it.....Hobby Lobby! Once again, two of my favorite things: family photos and candlesticks! By the way, this candlestick was purchased at 80% too. :) The picture is Home Interior from my life-long friend Wendy.

Last but not least.....the grouping on my buffet table in the dining room. I love this grouping because it displays my wedding china and my Memaw's lamp! Wedding china is Pink Tower by Spode. The picture in the middle of the grouping was a wedding gift from my husband's is of my china!!! So of course, I HAD to have it when I saw it at Castor Knotts.

Well. I hope you have enjoyed a mini-tour of my home and some of my favorite things. Please stop by again and thank you for looking.


  1. I did enjoy! Thanks for the lovely tour!

  2. The bathroom is my favorite, and yes, I LOVE that wall paper too! Thanks for showing some of your favorite vignettes.


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