Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lunch and a Movie

Wednesday, Mary and I took the kiddos out to lunch at Burger King, to the duck park, and to see Ice Age 3. What a funny and cute movie!!! For those of you that have seen all of these movies....does the squirrel get the nut? I am ALWAYS curious and feeling sorry for the little guy. I will not spoil the fun and tell you whether or not he gets the will have to purchase a movie ticket to find out. Sid was just as funny as ever!!! Will there be an extra addition to the pack? Once again, have to go to the movie to find out.......You and your children WILL NOT be disappointed with this movie. We laughed all the way thru the movie....cute cute cute!!!!!! I even shed a tear, but that is not unusal for the "Queen of Crying at Movies"! Give it TWO THUMBS UP!!! :)

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