Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tablescape Thursday...Prince Charming and Lady Awaiting

Prince Charming and Lady Awaiting are peacefully enjoying an afternoon of tea and a soft summer breeze. Welcome to Tablescape Thursday...be sure to check out all of the other terrific tablescapes on Between Naps on the Porch....you will NOT be disappointed!

The teaset was a gift from my mother-in-law when she was just my boyfriend's mother back in 1993....(I think) for Christmas. About 10 years ago, I broke the lid to the teapot...boohoo!!!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed this teaset and I have displayed it proudly since I received it many years ago. Did you notice the bling bling on three of the pieces????? A necklace and a pair of earrings are displayed on the tea pot, sugar bowl, and creamer. They have the same design...basically. The jewelry was purchased at a local antique store a few years ago.

These ladies are enjoying an afternoon stroll....the sun is out therefore an umbrella is a must. The porcelain figurine was my Memaw's.....now it is MINE...lucky me! The other lady w/o a head (it came that way) is a Christmas ornament from Hobby Lobby from my mother-in-law in 2003. The umbrella was separate, but it came from Hobby Lobby and my mother-in-law too the same year. She has good taste...but wait....she also gave me the large pitcher in the background for my birthday in 2003...also from Hobby Lobby. I picked this beauty out. Got it half-price...retail 50.00....my price $ 25.00. The little cup & saucer is from a Victorian Tea Party that I hosted one year from Victorian Trading. Have you ever been to one of those? Good fun, good company, terrific items to order!!!! The silver jewelry box is from an auction several years ago.

Bird's eye view......The doillie is from my late aunt's collection. Almost all of my doillies come from my Great Aunt Mable or Great Aunt Izetta.

Yeah...I know....you get tired of turning your head to see some of my pictures. Sorry, I do not know how to fix that. Some say right click, but my program is STRANGE!!!!!! The small round plaque is from an eBay purchase about 4 years ago. Cutie huh?! The bowl in the background is metal, and I purchased it at a local antique store for about 5 bucks. It is stamped Daher Decorated Ware 1971. Kathryn from Bonafide Southern was with me during this purchase. We married cousins. How about that...folks!

Just a side view....the lamp was a gift from Mr. Hubby for Valentine's Day 2003. Roses die, but a lamp is forever. Do not get me wrong....flowers are nice too....I love roses and lilies!!!! The art work hanging on the wall is The Dinner at the Ritz.
Thanks for stopping by.....enjoy a little bit a tea and a stroll ......take time to smell the roses and enjoy the simple things in life. Smile because you never know who might smile back! :)


  1. It looks so pretty. I've always loved that teaset. Look forward to seeing it in person tomorrow!

  2. What a sweet romantic setting! Love your tea set. I have one very similar!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :0

  3. What an adorable tea set! Looks great on your surround too!

  4. This is very pretty! You can turn your pictures very easily if you're using a PC. Just open the folder where they are located, right-click on the file and choose either rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise.


  5. Hi Tonya, your teaset is so charming. I love it all....very sweet!


  6. Lovely teaset and figurines, even without the head..Chistine

  7. What a pretty tea set! I'm going to have to eBay shop for a tea set, as I don't have one. Very elegant!

  8. Cute scape and even cuter family, enjoyed my visit here, love to have you over too, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  9. You have some really beautiful things! Your mother-in-law is a keeper, she gives you some wonderful gifts!



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