Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring has sprung around the house

Grape sweet and springy

Buttercups or Daffodils.....around here, we call them Buttercups!

Buttercups or Daffodils???

This is Rylee's favorite tree in the yard. Not because is small enough for him to climb, but because it produces some yummy fruit he likes to eat. Keep scrolling down to find out.....

These blooms will eventually produce..... (if the Japanese Beetles do not destroy the tree first)

Yummy, juicy plums......

Bradford Pear Trees....oh so pretty when they are in bloom!

Flowering Cherry Tree (of some sort)....It will be amazingly beautiful when in full bloom!!!

Camelia Bushes flank each side of the front porch steps. They are beautiful when in full bloom. The only down side.....the wasp love them too.

Close-up of the bud. In a few days, the bushes will be covered with these.

Like I mentioned before, the Camelia Bush is beautiful in full-bloom. Spring is my favorite time fo the year. I love watching all the plants and animals start a new life. It is a time for a new beginning. I cannot wait until I can start digging into the dirt again.

This is a photo of my mother's Tulip Tree. It usually gets frozen out every year, but not this year. It is not in full bloom yet, but almost!!! These are beautiful trees. Did not get a close up of the bloom...sorry!


  1. I love flowering trees and bushes! How lucky you are! Great photos!


  2. I love spring when all is in bloom.


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